haha this is interesting to say the least:

Holy at 2:09 you can see how close those expensive high-speed cameras are to these shenanigans.   I think I’d probably want at last some protection, so the saw hit plexiglas at a minimum rather then smashing into them unobstructed.

uggghghhhgggg a mattress company?  These “hidden in the content” ads are annoying, but at least you can just skip by them.  The damage is already done though; I ordered 92 Casper mattresses.  My bank just called but I yelled “LEAVE ME ALONE” into the phone and hung up.

The thumbnail picture I used is from post way back in 2019 about a rocket propelled chainsaw cartoon.


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Demolition Ranch sets up a shotgun in front of a fire extinguisher:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeHaha this guy.  I hope those fire extinguishers are expired!  So many kids in Africa would kill for a good fire extinguisher and he’s just here shooting them.


But apologized for.  “My bad bro”:


hahah oh well, at least no one got hurt.


If you get hit with this…

you’ll be digging your own grave.



If only that would work in real life. Pretty awesome move.

Freddiew from YouTube rarely disappoints when it comes to gun related vids.  Some Previous ones of his I posted about:


The Rocket Propelled Chainsaw is one of those things that will be posted on the internet every 6 months or so until the end of time.

It had not graced this blog yet, and since blog reader Steve T sent me a link today with a included comic I hadn’t seen before, I thought I post it:

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