roman atwood

A classic example of a non-tasteful prank:

I’d like to know what would happen if at 1:05 if the guy who took cover and then shoot at the fleeing SUV hit anyone in it?  I don’t even know if that’s real though considering the guy pops one into the snow in front of him seeming by accident, and then proceeds to hit the road on the couple shots after that.  Looks like “Action Movie Essentials” muzzle flash and sparks if you ask me.  Say it did actually happen though… what then?  I hardly think the “WE WERE JUST DOING A PRANK!  Why did _____ have to die?” would be any sort of valid defense considering all the victims of this particular prank had every reason to believe they were in grave danger.

Troll-FaceThoughts? What’s next? A “comedian” telling people their family died as a “joke”? *smh*