Royal Nonesuch

I get a little teary eyed like the future proud step father I would have been, when I see how far my former future stepson has come:

haha yea I’d say that works too.  Ear pro, and safety squints in full effect getting the job done.  Royal just casually bought an ENDO adapter (ENDO Tactical if you want one) last week; I read the company name on his order and was like 🤔 hmm wait a minute I know that guy! I sent him an additional one for free just in case he wants to do something ridiculous like convert a percussion cap pistol to auto (don’t ask me how but I’m sure he figure out a way 😂) and bubba the adapter onto the back of it.

Sadly YouTube nuked his gun channel 😭 I guess they don’t like art.  The embedded upload looks like it’s on a burner account.  Boss move tbh.

As you probably guessed / see in the thumbnail… Royal made his own conversion switch.  He didn’t order the Russian “motorcycle part”.  I’ve clicked that link so many times now, it’s surprising the black helicopters and white vans aren’t following me around.



My former future stepson.  The kid, as you know is is now the NFA kid… he can legally manufacture autos and suppressors:

Nice little .22LR setup, amazing oil filter suppressor LOL.  Man that thing is a high ROF.  One problem remains…. still NO EYE PROTECTION.  I wish an eye protection company like Oakley or something would just step up and provide him with a supply of glasses.  We currently live in 2018… there is no myth around eye protection not being needed.  If you can wear it, you should.

Oh and while were at it, I know he’s shooting most of those firearms with suppressors but that’s not real hearing protection he has in either… they are music earphones :/.



The kid is back at it.  Talking about his plans for the homemade AA-12:

Should be awesome. It will almost definitely look “rough” like the rest of his firearms, but that really adds to the character if you ask me.

He has the correct licenses to legally build automatic firearms now, so the world is his oyster.



The kid is back with some manufacturing licenses so he can make cooler stuff:

I’ve always enjoyed RNs videos.  Thank god he got the chan back from Serbu.

If you don’t want to hear him talk at the beginning, you can skip to 3:18 to see the gun firing followed by some cool slow motion.

Royal is creative, so I can’t wait to see what he freaks next.  You know it’s bound to be something crazy nevabindonebefo (but in a good way).




0:59 – LOL huge surprise no one that was subbed to Royal, wanted Mark Serbu’s videos shoved down their throat.  I called that one immediately after it happened.  I hope Royal still got to keep the stack of cash.

3:30 – OH NO BABY WHAT IS YOU DOIN?  Making us pay to see a majority of the new videos?  Stuff like this never (ever) works out.  I get that making videos costs money and takes time, and ammo costs a lot… but if you’re not doing it for sport and letting the people have it for free, trust me there’s a lot of other things I can watch for free.  I think part of the lure with this “pay to watch my videos” thing is that Royal for instance has ~12,500 subs…. now if each one of them paid $1 a month he would be making $12500 per month… that buys a lot of stuff every month.  The reality is, the handful of male white knight “m’sir I bestowed $1 upon your glorious channel” type guys will end up contributing (for a while)… then that will drop off and so will the vids when Royal realized that $42 per month isn’t enough.

Thoughts?  You planning on paying to see RN’s videos?  You bestowing $1 to the fine sir for his Youtubious efforts?


This guy is a character… and he built his own MAC 10:

1:22 – ahhaha he used the spring from a mattress
1:36 – Barrel from a Hilti nail gun
3:22 – He melted Budweiser cans and whittled the metal to make the trigger assembly
4:21 – Whoa some anger managment issues but it’s alright.

Royal Nonesuch may have sold out to the man and retired, but at least now we have this guy. Royal Nonsuch was such a polite boy. Ugh I can’t believe Serbu bought him out and then deleted all his good videos. That’s some straight bullshit. Look at his channel now… a measly six videos now, and they are ALL Serbu related. Classic. I really hope Royal Nonesuch is rich enough to retire off that deal, but the realist in me knows he probably got a date with Valerie and a Snickers bar.

If you check out his channel ( he has a lot of interesting looking builds. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this guy.

Thoughts? Would you rather shoot a Royal Nonesuch build or an Allan Hart (this guy) build? I haven’t seen Allan shoot any of his guns so I’m gonna have to go with RN on this one.

Gat tip: Bradley