Royal Nonsuch

The Royal Nonesuch x Mark Serbu creation:

Man, once again that hand guard with the TEC-9 air holes WOOOOOOOO *FLAMEZ EMOTICONS x 1000*.

$875 he says, but I can’t find it on the Serbu Firearms website.  I’m sure you can email him and ask how you can get your hands on one though.

Gat tip: Jim

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The prophecy came true.  This guy:

Well here ya go @everydaynodaysoff ❤❤❤???

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If you’re not a hardcore ENDO reader you might not remember that I prophecized Royal Nonsuch and Valerie Serbu would fall for each other at some point during Royal’s Serbu Firearms “Business trip” to build his signature .50 BMG.  Did he end up naming the .50 “Valerie” as I also predicted?  I’d say judging by the three hearts in the Instagram post, things are pretty serious so the possibility is high.  He must have worn ENDO Apparel when they met.  Girls just can’t get resist, I’m telling you.

Royal-Nonesuch-Pipe-GunSometimes my skills scare me.  They are too powerful, it’s lucky I have morals so I only use them for good. ;)

Royal tells me he’s in the lab editing vids to put up on his Youtube channel.  They should be good.