Like buttah on a hot summers day:

Kanye-How-MemeHoly, I didn’t know RPG’s were that intense.  I figured with that many layers (45 layer / 16″) it would stop it no problem… apparently not.

Cool slow motion seems to come standard with videos now.  I like the trend.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Those crafty Japanese toy inventors are at it again:

I definitely would try and build my own before I’d drop $361 USD (28,350 YEN) on this!  Besides the few custom parts, it looks like you could get most of the kit from Home Depot.

Too bad there’s not a youtube video of this in action.  There are a lot of vids of people shooting bottles into the air using bicycle pump rigged launch pads though so I assume this would be similar.


Hat tip: Raeshawn


Gaddafi loyalists gonna be loyal:

If that was me being held hostage, I wouldn’t know whether to call the guy’s bluff and try to escape, or assume he’s a dumb ass that doesn’t know better.

It appears to be a Russian RPG-7.

You can check out the rest of the pictures from when rebel forces took Tripoli a few days ago – HERE