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I underestimated the power of facebook and got a really late start. The number of followers I currently have there is not at all representative of the actual traffic this blog gets.  I hope you guys can bring that a bit closer to equilibrium for me.

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Twitter is a good place to keep track of blog posts because notification can get sent straight to your phone.  I also give occasional updates on when new posts are going to be appearing if I get a bit off schedule.

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From what I see in my stats, there are quite a few of you that follow my blog using the RSS Feed.

For those that don’t know what RSS is, it stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, and it is a really lightweight way to view my blog content from your computer, cellphone, iPod, etc…

It is definitely not as pretty as coming to the actual blog, because the formatting is very minimal, and the way the pictures are displayed may not be optimal.  Some users may prefer it though, for various reasons.

Readers that were using RSS before, when I just provided the article summary, will be able to enjoy the updated feed now automatically.

I am hoping that providing a full content RSS feed comes with an increase in readership and interaction.

Let me know what’s on your mind, and please comment when you have a thought on a post that interests you.

I really appreciate the huge growth that my blog has seen over the last few months.  Thank you to those that are visiting on a regular basis, and thank you also to the bloggers that continue to link back to articles on my blog.

The more traffic and comments I get, the more I feel motivated to provide interesting new posts.

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