rubber band

hahaha this is epic:

Rubber-Band-Gatling-GunThe fact it’s forearm mounted makes it extra cool.  I want to see someone put one on each arm and unleash the fury on someone.

Nothing but the energy of the stretched rubber bands powering this thing.  What a time to be alive.

You can download the plans and read more at instructables.


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Mattv2099 does a rubber band test with his Glock brand Hi-Point 40 caliber .380AE:

Trolling is just 2nd nature to Matt now.

reCAPTCHA-Beautiful-Hi-Point-Troll5:17 – LOL the opposing rubber bands worked.  Even he was excited at the unexpected results.

I cannot get over how ugly Hi-Points are every time I see one. Thoughts?


I don’t know how I missed this… Taofledermaus did it originally:

Then Mattv2099 did it today:

Judging by the date on the Taofledermaus video I think that’s when I was feeling like shit, clocked out and took a few days off.  Pretty great that it works so awesome… even increased cycle time!  This is the type of forward thinking I like to see in the trollfessional community.

Stained-Glass-AK-47I bet they could also cut a slot in a magazine and wrap a rubber band under the rounds then up around part of the receiver… pulling the rounds upwards and feeding them one by one.


ENDO Apparel shirts in both those videos!  Always nice to see.  You can click the link if you want to grab and shirts or accessories for yourself.


Mattv2099 sciences some Glock brand science on our asses:

As you can see.. no big deal holding the slide.

Check out this video where he rubberband’s the slide:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI love how people have asked that in the comments “several times”.  haha so random.

I’m not really surprised that it worked with a few rubber bands, considering to a point they would just stretch enough and spring the slide back after each shot.

Reminded me of this T.I. banger oooooh yea.  Mattv is indeed worth a couple hundred grand / Chevy’s all colors man.

I’m still wondering if Gaston and Matt met up in Vegas and wrecked the city one night at SHOT.  Pics or GTFO.


Crazy Slingshot guy takes a look at some rubber band guns:

His new workshop looks pretty awesome (He put a PDF up with pictures on his forum).  Lots of room to mess around in.  I wonder if he’s doing this for a living now.  I remember in the past he was against making money of his designs and emphasized he was just doing it for “fun”.  Anyone know?

4:41 – That lever action one is really cool. Doesn’t look like it would function all that well if used quickly though.

Joerg-Sprave8:30 – I bet that Coldsteel torpedo will fly like a beast!  LOL that Bowie knife is ridiculous.



This is a functional woodworking masterpiece:

The look of the gun alone is breathtaking… then I saw it eject those wooden shells and shoot an elastic on every trigger pull and my mind was blown.

Last shot hold open too?  This thing should be in the Smithsonian.


I wouldn’t even know where to begin making something like this.  I’d start with an expensive knife and some awesome wood, then like 5 minutes in you’d hear yelling because I probably accidentally cut myself, then I would get pissed off a try even harder, only to fail exponentially harder than originally anticipated.

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