rubber bullets

Demolition Ranch takes a look:

Like the test that Jerry Miculek did, the results are inconclusive.  No wait they are not… the conclusion is that the journalist is an idiot.

The best part of the video was:


hahah oh noEs high capacity cLipz.



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This Huffington Post “justice reporter ” actually thinks the ear pro pictured might be rubber bullets.  This is why everything gun related gets blown out of proportion by these idiots.  When you don’t have any idea what you’re actually up against and you just work off emotion these are the type of things that happen.

Oh but then when he tweeted that, a ton of people made fun of him so he then tweeted “I retract that suggestion, they are earplugs.  Apologies.”  No big deal bro. Ear plugs… rubber bullets…. assault weapons… sporting rifles… high capacity assault clips…. standard capacity magazines…. it’s all the same right? *smh*

Hat tip: SayUncle


Is any of this snooze-fest real?

I don’t know “less lethal” ammunition, but that sounded really weak.  The taser, who knows? that sounded real.  The pepper spray looked like one of those dollar store ones, which no doubt wouldn’t be a walk in the park… but probably not as bad as what military/law enforcement train with.

In the description of the video he says:

In case you’re wondering about the shotgun, its quite due to the fact that it has over 50 inches of barrel! It sounds suppressed when you fire a light field load or in this case rubber buckshot.

*shrug* who knows?  If that’s actually a fan of his, and it’s all real, that is pretty hardcore.

Has anyone else noticed that the production value of his videos went down bigtime?