This is cool.  I like how we’re at the point where it’s viable to print internal components, not just the frames:

Shooting it:

1:18 – The bolt by itself weighs about 79 grams (which includes the 45 gram tungsten weight).   The original 10/22 bolt weighs 180 grams.  He goes on to say later on that because of the light weight, this particular bolt design only works for subsonic rounds or short rounds.

Cool little project.  I’ll be watching this one to see if he’s successful in getting that bolt weight up.

The guy’s channel is called Heywood Yabuzzoff, and he has a lot of other experimental 3d printed gun vids too.  Definitely worth checking out.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Whoa, this is nice:

I can’t even remember the last time I actually wanted a new gun that someone released, this though.. wow!

0:27 – “With the included magwell you can use Glock magazines” 😲 whoa.  That’s pretty major.  Has any other gun company just went ahead and included compatibility for something a competitor makes?  Seems like typically this would be something a 3rd party company would release on the aftermarket.

The threaded barrel is a nice touch too.  A lot more people are running suppressed nowadays.

0:57 – Takedown mechanism for when you want to pack it.

If you want info ont he two PC Charger models check out that link. Sadly this is not a paid post. I really should talk less shit on this blog, and start securing the quarantine bag 💰… NAH.



Magnet on the long piece of wood = success. LOL so nasty though ugh 😂. I could basically smell that through the screen. Every time I have to use a portapotty at the start of a hike etc I’m always just like *sigh* here we go.

The backstory of what happened according to the description:

“We live in Alaska, I was taking wedding photos in the wilderness.  It was a long day and I decided to use the Porta potty. I ran in quickly without thinking about it, and my gun clip did not hold properly. I felt a ‘whoosh’ of air and realized that my Ruger had fallen into the abyss of the outhouse. This all happened around midnight and so I left it there overnight, as I live an hour and a half away. The next morning my husband and His friend came along to help retrieve it from the sludge. My husband used a big magnet attached to a 2 x 4 and pulled a gun out.”

I’m sure the Armslist ad reads: “Only fired once. Been through some shit with it though if you catch my drift.”

Thoughts? You ever lose anything in one of those toilets?


File this one under 2016 SHOT Show drama:


Here’s the link to the Facebook post itself.

Oh man… big egos are a beeotch.  Must be earth shattering to have someone in the industry you’re in not recognize you.  I’d rather stay low key… not Larry though.  Reminds me of a Pusha-T track I like called M.F.T.R. where he says “You’d rather be more famous than rich”.  Just because I can and this post is Larry Vuitton related, I’m going to paste some of the other gun related lyrics at the start of the song:

Walk up in that bitch and wave at everything
Go and make it bang, go and make it bang
Gettin’ followed by them hollows, go and make it bang
Niggas ain’t been to church in a minute
But it’s funny how that TEC make a nigga get religious

That’s The Dream on the hook.  Flames.  Some of you wouldn’t understand *puts on sunglasses*.

The-LAV-Larry-VickersThoughts?  Is Larry’s rage justified?  If anything I think Ruger dropped the ball big time on this one considering LV was just going to give them some free publicity.  Sure Ruger is doing alright as a company without the LAV endorsement, but every little bit helps.  Who knows what the circumstances were though?  My first impression from Larry’s own post was that he was trying to run shit and call the shots in Ruger’s own booth which they paid big money for.  A “pay attention to me I’m important and famous” kind of moment perhaps?

If I ever go to SHOT, I want to wear a Kermit the frog outfit and bring plenty of tea to sip while I people watch.  I’ll tuck my name tag and if anyone asks who I am I’ll say I’m “Kyle Trollotsky, janitor and lead designer at Hi-Point”, then they’ll go away.

Gat tip: Tyler


Mattv2099 with a review:

Multicam operator gloves? The new Ruger 1911? Ammo to waste?  Mattv2099 is really getting that money on YouTube.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-Apparel1:47 – “It’s super heavy.  You could pistol whip the living crap out of somebody with this.” ahhahah

3:42 – “Shoot the fedora off the hipster” Gold Jerry… gold.

Man.. Matt’s PhD in operator science has really been glowing lately.  I learn so much from these videos.




Ruger-Takedown-AR15Damn Ruger, why you tryna empty my pockets?  This retails for $2049 and that’s not even including the $450 .300 BLK barrel.   Seems steep compared to the 10/22 takedown which is only $409 for the cheapest model.  I’m not comparing a AR-15 to a .22, but I’m just saying the multiplier is a lot higher on the takedown AR-15, compared to what you could get a regular AR-15 for vs a regular 10/22 to the takedown 10/22.

This takedown shit is amazing though, I’ll give them that. The one funny thing, if you’re not buying the .300 BLK barrel then basically all you’re doing is getting a rifle you can take down really easy for transport and save a measly few inches of space (in length)… because all you’re saving is the length of barrel that’s sticking out past the handguard if you think about it. What would be really cool is if they made an SBR barrel, and equipped this thing with one of those foldable AR-15 stocks with the corresponding internals… you could probably take down / fold over all the pieces and it would be no longer than the length of the AR-15 receiver itself.   Who’s picking one of these up?