This is too good:

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This is amazing haha:

If you put the YouTube CC’s on the English translation is very readable. Too bad it’s not still street legal (well maybe in Russia it is, who knows).¬† Seems to work really well, Im quite surprised.¬† If it were me, I would have put some sort of protection so my arm wouldn’t get sucked into the track if for some reason it got close to it.

Continental GTs are really nice.¬† I used to dream about getting all sorts of vehicles, now I have zero use for spending a minute of my life in traffic nor a second at a dealership to get “rOuTiNe MaiNteNce” done.



The Russians are back at it:

Toronto Canada Russians aCkShULLy.¬† Just when I think “tRaiNinG” can’t get any more useless.¬† If you haven’t already read the caption on the video… it’s pretty unbelievable. Here it is again:

Sensitivity drill at the recent Signs of Danger seminar.
Sense when the weapon is pointed at you without looking.

This could just have easily happened in the USA or any other country that likes to train like they fight (jokingly, but not).  Regarding this video though, I gotta say the polite Canadian archetype is holding true; not even one of them did a classic *cough* BULLSHIT *cough* type reaction and there are like two dozen dudes there taking deep breaths of it.



A promo video the Russians made up:

Some pretty cool stuff happening in this video; even some underwater shooting at 2:42.

3:28 – Where can I get a rocket launcher SIM video game? haha

Looks like they have some pretty nice equipment.

5:20 –¬†Aleppo citadel. ¬†So cool… too bad it’s badly damaged now :( ¬†A real shame that part of the world is so dangerous to travel to.

I wonder if any of those guys are using a custom reticle when they are slaying ISIS. :P


Gat tip: John


50 minutes worth:

42-17533707Oh man there’s some pure gold in that 50 minutes. ¬†If you have time to watch it all you really should. ¬†I wish I had the time to call out time stamps, but I’m trying to finish up season 2 of “THE FALL” on netflix, while drinking herbal teas. ¬†Ok fine here’s a quick one…

3:11 – Whose mans is this? ¬†Check out that draw and intentional muzzle sweep. ¬†hhaha wth… he then follows that up with intentional muzzle sweeps of himself. ¬†I can’t read Russian, but I’m hoping he’s showing what NOT to do.

Thoughts? Try as you will you’ll never be as cool as Putin with the flipped down ear pro. That would be a good esoteric-low-effort Halloween costume haha.

Gat tip: no uno


I hope SHERP is Russian¬†for “cube” haha.

Russian-Sherp-ATV3.7 mi/h on water, 8 mi/h on land.  Oooooooh ya.

#BugoutVehicleGoals.  Needs armor and airless tires though.

If you have an extra $65000 laying around you should pick one up.  Lots more info on there website if you click the link.  Looks like they also do leases for those ballin on a budget.