A guest post by Jesse Ingall from the blog Ideas, Thoughts and Happenings.

These firearms were brought in to be completely cleaned of rust and salt. They were flooded when the tide rose during Hurricane Sandy. They sat in salt water for a week or so.


I ran a steel brush through the barrels a bunch. Then I attempted to run a patch through one of the barrels and the pitting shredded the patch. Butt plate of a Mauser. Before and after:



You can really see the difference on the Enfield butt plate:


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Said the guns which fellow blogger Jesse Ingall had to clean up after Sandy:

Check out the rest of the pictures over at Jesse’s blog and fire up this Scorpions song while you browse.

It looks like a rough job, but someone’s gotta do it.  I’m glad Jesse had the skills to bring those back to life.



When I found this picture on flickr, at first I was not sure what I was looking at:


Coffin made of crushed, rusty guns at Artomatic 2009, at 55 M Street SE, in Washington, DC.

Guns will not solve your problems, but they will kill you or someone close to you; a loved one or an enemy. The Gun Coffin ” Death on the NRA installment plan” is made of over 125 destroyed guns turned in by people who choose to no longer keep a gun close. ” The ribbon” is made of ammunition casings, one for each US soldier killed in Iraq at the time of the London Tube bombing.


It’s clear that there are indeed gun parts which make up this piece of art, but my devastation didn’t set in until I clicked on the bigger version of the picture and saw this:


Zooming in some more and cropping…


It appears the Tenifer isn’t doing its job ;)

In all likelihood, the slides could have been heavily sand blasted to keep the “metal” theme going.

Artist: John Ricker
Location: Brentwood, MD

Judging by his website he is EXTREMELY anti-gun.