A soldier brought this bronze bust home from Iraq in 2003:



17 inches in height, it formed part of a 15 ft. statue of Saddam.

Lucky guy he was able to get this back to the US.  I wonder what his rank was?  If it wasn’t high up I imagine he really had to hide this thing due to its potential worth. Sure sounds like it will be a nice payday for him and his family wow.

If I had hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank I’d buy it.  I’d probably build a fountain where a soldier or a cherub was peeing on his head just for kicks.


Full Story – Daily Mail


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Federal prosecutors said former Staff Sgt. Joel Cleve Miller, 40, was found guilty of possession of an illegal chrome AK-47 that he smuggled back from Iraq during a 14-month tour in 2005.  When he returned to his home in Hemet, he bragged to several friends that he smuggled the gun back after it once belonged to Saddam Hussein’s Royal Guard.

Full Story – HERE

As they say “Loose lips lose priceless AK’s and could end up doing 10 years in federal prison”.  Dumbass…

Is the issue more that it’s an NFA weapon? Or that he smuggled it back?  Or both?  I’m just wondering which is considered more serious.  Like if I was there and smuggled Saddam’s gold toilet seat back would I be in just as much trouble?


The Glock Model 18 and 18C (compensated) offers a quality no other handgun in history can match: on demand, fully automatic capability.  Available only to qualified, reputable law enforcement / government agencies, both versions can fire either semi-automatically, or with the design specific selector switch set in the correct position.  Cycles at 1,200 rounds per minute.

As you can see the Glock 18 is $507 and the Glock 18C is $532


I have heard so many rumors that G18s are 10s of thousands of dollars, but that’s just not true.  From what I understand, an individual can’t own one of these.  They are only available to Law Enforcement / Government / Military, or as samples to Class III dealers.  Quite the incentive to become a Class III dealer if you ask me. :P

It really doesn’t surprise me that the price is so low, considering there is very little difference between the Glock 18 and the Glock 17.

Although that side mounted selector switch on the Glock 18 is badass, I’d still settle for a Glock 17 with a drop in conversion.

A fun fact about the Glock 18, that some of you may not know…

When Saddam Hussein was captured by Delta Force soldiers in December of 2003 from a spider hole in Iraq, he had an unloaded Glock 18C on him.  Four Delta force soldiers later presented the pistol to President George Bush, and according to friends and long-time associates it because a favorite memento of his, and for nearly 5 years he kept the mounted glass-encased pistol in the Oval Office.   Before Mr. Bush left the White House in January, he made arrangements for the gun to be shipped to a national archives warehouse just 18 miles north of his new home in Dallas.  No official word on whether the gun will for sure be present in the presidential library, but according to Mr. Bush’s friends and associates he intends to display it there. ( Source )

I’m curious of a few things:

  1. Did George Bush ever shoot Saddam’s G18?
  2. Was the gun framed in working condition, or is it deactivated?
  3. If the gun is not deactivated, were NFA rules suspended for the president?
  4. Is the gun actually the property of George Bush, or is it the property of the U.S. Government?