He didn’t TM it this time, but he calls it the “ON/OFF-SET Technique”:

Damn, he really loves to hear himself talk.  I’ve been pretty busy hiking and biking this summer, so I’ve missed a lot of the CoNTeNT to post on here… I’m going to try and catch up though.  I’m really glad to see VODA is still creating such quality.  My Instagram has been the most poppin’ lately because I can easily do that from my phone.  Make sure you’re following that for some good memes and what not.



My former future stepson.  The kid, as you know is is now the NFA kid… he can legally manufacture autos and suppressors:

Nice little .22LR setup, amazing oil filter suppressor LOL.  Man that thing is a high ROF.  One problem remains…. still NO EYE PROTECTION.  I wish an eye protection company like Oakley or something would just step up and provide him with a supply of glasses.  We currently live in 2018… there is no myth around eye protection not being needed.  If you can wear it, you should.

Oh and while were at it, I know he’s shooting most of those firearms with suppressors but that’s not real hearing protection he has in either… they are music earphones :/.



Damn, this is creepy:

“Family fire”… I see what you did there.  Holy they did a nice job on their fancy website, I’ll say that.

The website advocates safe storage and education, however they also advocate storing your ammo and gun separately.  They also have a lot of “facts” in their campaign tool kit which I’m not 100% sure are accurate and not meant to mislead. I find it hard to believe that guns are the #2 cause of death among children. Why don’t these places cite the actual source? Also, why are they lumping injured in with killed? Seems like an effort to inflate the issue. If you pulled a stat of all kids that were “injured or killed” by vehicles, swimming pools, knives etc… the number would be incredibly massive due to the “injury” part of it.

I don’t know the back story of this organization (anti-gun? sort of pro-gun? I lose track of all these “safety” efforts), but part of their message seems to be OK. It’s like that will all these places though. They basically advocate for some of the same things us pro-gun people stand for, but then the end result is “ya basically you should have your ammo in one safe, and your gun in the other, and let your family doctor set the code and only let you get the codes on request once your deemed in a good mental state and absolutely in need of the gun for a valid self defense or recreational reason.” Cool story bro. Make sure you tell the guy breaking into your home RIGHT NOW that.



People are always looking for ways to make Glocks “safer”.  This one was done for the Taiwan and Portuguese police straight from Glock apparently:

The other side:


Not pressing the trigger when you don’t want it to shoot is apparently not good enough.  Gotta have something to fumble around with.

I’m surprised the Israelis haven’t asked Glock to make some addon that wouldn’t under any circumstance let them carry with one in the chamber.  That’s always been the move over there, and they are sticking to it. Maybe like a microphone and slide mounted lock requiring verbal confirmation that they are ready to shoot, which unlocks the lock and lets them chamber a round. Yeaaaaaaaaaa.

Remember the other manual Glock safety?  “TeH GaDgEt”  Does anyone use that thing?  Like I said in that post… If a Glock Safety gadget was needed, gaston would have added one.


Gat tip: Marc


The inventor Peter Alaric answers some questions about his MuzzleSafe device for 20 minutes:

I was initially confused why the video thumbnail screenshot is Ted Kaczynski (The Unabomber), but he touches on it later in the video when talking about “technophobia”, meaning people not liking the technological advancement his device brings.

This all seems kind of irrelevant to “real” firearms considering all his demos have been with an airsoft gun, which doesn’t even function in the same way.  At 6:22 he says he’s building a real gun version of this system.

2:43 – Sensor looking past his hand + other possible fail cases.  Yeah.

13:50 – Sandia National Laboratories gave him $20,000 for the project.  Wow that’s pretty generous.  Doesn’t equal an endorsement though he’s saying.  We can’t get a copy of the Sandia report because it’s private according to Sandia.

You can read my past posts about Muzzlesafe here, and check out his website for the official info.



Gunny yells the details at us:

Glock-Engraved-Pistol“Spread the word about firearms safety” and win one of those sweet engraved 30th anniversary Glock pistols.

Quite the open ended contest.  I’m always torn between being a safety nazi when I see people being unsafe, and being like “meh, Darwin will sort it out”.


Thoughts?  Fellas, shouldn’t every month be safety month though amirite? *extremely woke tone of voice*