At 6 minutes these vids are becoming too long:

5:30… the camera man catches a chunk of fridge in the arm.  Those guys are so dumb.  Unless you’ve never shot a gun outside of a video game I don’t know why you would ever think filling a fridge with binary explosives and standing that close would be considered safe.



What’s not to like?

Damn that thing barks!  I wonder if it would be as loud if someone without such epic facial hair was shooting it?  That’s Linoge from Walls Of The City for those who are not familiar… you should check his blog out.  I have mentioned him in the past on here.  Oleg Volk behind the lens.

He’s rocking one of the ENDO AR-15 Builders Club t-shirts like a boss too. Pick yours up today!


From the new show “Sons Of Guns” on the Discovery Channel:

Suppressor on a Saiga-12… nice.

Looks like a pretty decent show. I’ll have to remember to DVR it.



Looks like some serious firepower!

Alliance Armament‘s website is actually down now, but I was able to peek at in in google cache and it looks like the Accelerator is a conversion for the Saiga 12, and was selling for $2642.97 and the drum magazine was selling for $379.  No telling if that is the current price as well, but hopefully the price will be lower when their site is fixed and goes live.



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