I knew that was going to be good when it started with him fake-clearing his ALpHa throat and addressing the SnOwfLaKeS:

Whoever writes the script for these ads needs to start writing sheepdog fan fiction cringe for me.

I’m still not entirely sure why this pistol needs to exist.  Do people need their AR-10 to say “SAINT” on the side of it?  Unless you’re wearing this for protection at church and want to make the snack ladies giggle (I was trying to think of another church term but couldn’t… choir ladies maybe?) then I don’t really see why you’d want that word on a gun.

Thoughts?  Looking at the comments of the YouTube video, you’d think Springfield invented ARs chambered in 308.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A mini 1911 they call the 911.  Ok…

0:24 – Pelican didn’t cut the MFin check, so that’s what happens… they get scratched out.  haha sorry about the link… after I did it I was like “Man this is some thefirearmblog bullshit I’m on right now”, but rather than delete it as I normally would I figured it leave it up and show the thought process.

1:09 – If someone asks you about your subcompact 1911 you have to be like “Um sorry sweAtie it’s hypercompact, do your googles.”

1:32 – Aw man I heard “And an extended magazine for…” and I gasped until they said it only added an additional round.  Don’t even talk to me unless your company is making 30+ rounders.

1:41 – “Carry… for life” It’s not the worst motto I’ve heard honestly.

Since both of these ads aren’t all that interesting you get 2 for the price 1 in this post:

I never did like the “Saint” moniker and the massive lower receiver engraving, but whatever as usual (and rightfully so) no one cares what I think.  Since I first said that I didn’t like it, Springfield probably made a bajillion dollars off it.

0:04 – You just gonna sit at your keyboards and let Springfield talk shit to you about your AR is probably shitty and collecting dust in a safe?  That got me riled up.

1:10 – “Never a victim.  Always a victor.”  Bruh…

These commercials were pretty tame compared to the first two I made fun of.

Thoughts?  Should I invest in Aluminum, or short sell AR-15 stock?  Probably short sell both, because I did the math and by my calculations 82.52% of Aluminum that is produced in the world goes into making AR-15 receivers… so when one market crashes it will take the other with it.  *laughs in duffle bags full of million$*


This guy’s voice sounds like what pure testosterone sounds like:

“Give yourself the edge”… Ok.  The “pistol” is nice, I’ll give them that… however it’s definitely on the NeVa BiN DuN BeFO list along with every other possible configuration of AR-15.  MSRP $1,560.

0:26 – “Battle ready”?  I wish they would have elaborated on that one with specifics.  I just want to hear about the battle they are marketing it for… ISIS?  Home invasion shootouts?  The GubMiNt whEN ThEy trYnA CoMe n TaKe It?  All of the above?

0:37 – LOL this dude hiked to some higher ground just to dump some rounds.

Here’s another ad with the same narrator, for their RO Elite Operator 1911 in 10mm.  Since it’s a 10mm I’m almost positive some wild shit is going to be said:

Again, it looks nice I guess.  Whose buying $1145 1911’s though and what does this 1911 do differently than every other 1911 they and every other manufacturer has made since WWI?  At least with electronics, take Apple for instance if you get a new phone you get the benefits of it being quicker, nicer looking, thinner, nicer screen, better camera, better sound and the list goes on and on.  Would it be a flex to own this gun and show your buddies?  Would they go “WHOA… dude I can’t believe you own the coveted RO Elite Operator 10mm 1911.  So Siiiiiiiiiick.  Can I hold it?”?

0:20 – Comparing the handgun to a kid with the “AHhhh they grow up so fast”.. then on to the “It’s hard to raise a good handgun today.  In a WORLD OF ENTITLED SNOWFLAKES the…” Ok guys I think that’s enough internet for me today.  Oh man it goes further into “HeLL ya BoRtHer” territory after that unfortunately.

0:56 – “Built for lead slingers who don’t believe in excuses OR participation awards”. C R I N G E 😬.

Um so like are you fellas defending your legacy or are you a bunch of cuck snowflake entitled pansies that proLLy voted for Hitlery?  (I feel like the essence of my made up outro must have been in at at least one of the initial script drafts of these commercials 😂)


Were you aware?  haha basically if you subscribe to them on YouTube they still won’t shut up about it.  They even have an all-girl show out now:

PLOT TWIST: Their biggest competitor is… THEMSELVES.  *whoa guys… mind blown.*

Jokes aside, if this show is anything like ABC’s The Bachelor, I’m down. *SMH Nick should have picked Raven* Moving on here’s Episode #1:

Seven episodes are up on their channel if you click through. The one thing which I’m hesitant about, is that at least two of those girls post on instagram NON STOP. It’s probably easy money, but it just comes across (to me anyways) as thirsty for approval and praise… which naturally all the m’lady neckbeards are quick to hand out.



Larry Vuitton doing a good job pretending he gives a shit about this at SHOT this year:

Holy how big is the Springfield Armory marketing budget?  I swear like 90% of the gun YouTubers have some Saint related video up.  If you follow Springfield on YouTube I’m also guessing you’ve definitely had enough Saint related videos to last a lifetime.  I didn’t count the exact number, but if you click through to their channel here, you’ll see what I mean.

I’m proposing that 2017 be the year of no one giving a shit about “new” AR-15s.  I was already like that since about 2014, but I hope it catches on.  I actually think it might be, because already we lost Olympic Arms according to the announcement on their site.  No reason mentioned, but they were one of the OG’s, so times must be tough.  Gotta evolve brAh.

haha at the end of the video you can tell they buttered LAV up because he mentions that they even used his Vickers Tactical sling on the video stuff.

The MSRP of this “Saint” is $899.  haha man that name is embarrassing to even type.




I talked about this before…. And holy they still are marketing the shit out of that thing on their youtube channel LOL.