With Big Buck Hunter Shotguns:

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the guy on the right looks a lot like Norman Reedus (Murphy Macmanus) from Boondock Saints (kick ass movie by the way).  While I’m at it, I’ll say the guy on the left looks like Christian Slater.

Caption it!

Here goes mine: “Slide the money over on the floor, or the sparkly vampire gets it”


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Deviating from the topic of guns for a second, I thought this picture was hilarious:

Source: Unknown

Final Score:

New Orleans Saints – 31
Indianapolis Colts – 17


After telling my FaceBook friends they could shoot my T.V. if the Saints beat the Redskins, they showed up in full force after the Saints won in OT 33-30.


  • Beer – check
  • Guns – check
  • Ammunition – check
  • No hearing protection – check
  • Imitation football helmet to run head first into T.V. with, after you shoot it into a million sharp pieces – check
  • Video camera to document the events for posting on youtube – check