samson manufacturing

This is pretty funny:

Armatix-electronic-safety-gunSamson Manufacturing always has great vids.  They put a lot of effort in… remember the ghost gun video of theirs?

A sure bet is if you want to make enemies in the gun community, talk about how much you love smart guns and how great they will be for safety and gun ownership in general. haha



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Samson Manufacturing makes an actual ghost gun… not just some made up ghost gun lower receiver:

Ghost-Gun-Kevin-De-Leonhahah clever.  Samson wasn’t really on my radar before besides the fact I knew they made some good looking quadrails… they are now though.

If you’re new to Ghost Guns, get the background on them by clicking the link.  Not safe if you’re around children and/or anyone from California.

I had not heard of Mountain Lightening… looks sus.