First Tactical Bacon, now this:

CMMG really needs to get more creative.  This is just a pizza pop (hot pocket etc..) that says tactical on it…  am I the only one that doesn’t think this shit is cool?

Oh well, I guess it gets people like me to blog and complain about it therefore getting their company more recognition.

If you want to prove to everyone what a tool you are, head over to ThinkGeek and purchase one for $6.  If you’re not a waste of space you’ll take the money to FIVEguys instead, get a Bacon Cheeseburger and wash it down at home with a cold beer.


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Starting Monday, bring your gun to Ricci’s Hoagie Shop located at 1247 South 21st Street in Philadelphia and get two hoagies, chips and soda.

Full story – HERE

And I thought getting $100 for a gun at the normal gun buybacks was a bad deal! Those better be some damn good hoagies.

I’d really like to know the success of this program.

On a side note, it would be an ironic twist if someone were to die of food poisoning or something from one of the hoagies. I bet the antis would still try and blame the guns somehow.