A Christmas cartoon for your viewing pleasure:

Christmas-Reindeer-Shooting-TargetLeave no witnesses.  Blake Shelton and Larry the Cable Guy don’t mess around.

I don’t hunt, but it hardly seems ethical to take a deer down with spray and pray to the hindquarters.  hehe

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Straight out of North Pole skunkworks:

Part of the C3 “Candy Cane Carbine” family of candy cane-based weapons, the C3C is a special ultra compact application suitable for close gifting and close protection operations by Santa’s special forces (SPS and SPECGIFT.)

The Mk12 Tenenbaum Launcher fires 75mm High Cheer Ballistic Christmas trees up to 500 meters for an area cheer effect.

Part of the C3 “Candy Cane Carbine” family of candy cane-based weapons, the Donner & Blitzen Accurized Candy Cane Carbine can reliably put a candy projectile on a 25mm diamater target at 300 meters. Featuring Rudolph 4-12×50 optics.

Source – Santa’s Little Secret Service

Hahha the descriptions are the best part.  For those that don’t know, Santa’s Little Secret Service is a highly trained group of operators that have been keeping Santa safe since Christmas of 2006.

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Get your Christmas picture taken with Santa and his machine guns next on December 10th:

The November 26th picture day was no doubt a huge success, and I’m sure December 10th will be even bigger.

I’ve never been to their facility in Scottsdale, AZ but I’d like to check it out someday.  Their retail website SGC USA is one of the few online firearms sites that doesn’t piss me off.  The main reasons being that they actually have things categorized properly, and they have several great high resolution pictures for every item.  Most sites think they can get buy with a single low resolution standard picture of a product, which I don’t think is acceptable in this day and age.

Trigger discipline was obviously stressed at the event, which is good to see.  Muzzle discipline to a lesser degree.  It’s pretty safe to say all of these are NOT loaded, but last thing we need is Christmas getting canceled because Santa took a negligent round.   OMG linked ammunition slung over their shoulders?!  But but he could just pop those into one of the guns and kill everyone! *eye roll*

Unsurprisngly there is a hilarious discussion going on over at the UK website DailyMail.

Thoughts?  Anyone near Scottsdale plan on taking their family to the December 10th event?

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That would piss some people off at the range.

You can buy the (expensive) posters – HERE


Makes for one high speed low drag Christmas:

It’s actually custom made from a G.I. Joe action figure.

Check out more pics – HERE

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Wow the internet is just getting flooded with Santa / Christmas related shooting videos this year.

This Santa is pretty badass… Killin it with the Jingle Bells rendition at the end of the vid!