I wouldn’t do anything like this, under any circumstance, with any shooter, with any rifle:

I don’t care if the late Carlos Hathcock wanted to shoot at a plate I was holding 10 ft away from him… it wouldn’t happen.

Despite the Army Safety Center tags on the bottom, I’m positive this is fake.   All the “actors” in it sound too scripted, and the Afgan guy in the navy hat has a stupid grin on his face the whole time.  My guess is what went down is the first round was possibly real, and fired into the dirt, or they planted a small explosive charge in the dirt.  The 2nd round, a blank.   I’m not going to get into any sound spectrum analysis but if you listen to the first shot at 0:41 then jump to the 2nd shot at 1:11 they sound diferent.

Hat tip: Al T.