sarah palin

Don’t ask why her hair looks like a dog chewed on it… I don’t know:

Although Sarah Palin would say or do absolutely anything to further herself politically, I still would rather have her on our side, than on the anti-gun side.  She’s a pretty decent speaker even though she definitely doesn’t write her own speeches.

I wonder if she’s enjoyed her favorite pastime of hunting lately *snicker*

Someone remind me again why she’s still in the spotlight?  Don’t even tell me she still has plans to run for president.

Sarah-Palin-Alaska-TLC-Rifle-Caribou-Hunt7:22 – If I were in charge they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists.

Yea we get it Sarah, you wore 3 bracelets that are topical. *smh*



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Did these guys make a short checklist up before they wrote this song?

0:19 – Talk about flying the flag… flag on wall not hung properly?  Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the union be on the flag’s own right?

Madison Rising huh?  BRB.. gotta feed my bald eagle, eat some bacon, and shoot myself a snack to deepfry, while I help Seal Team -34 gather intel to kill terrorists so dangerous you’ve never even heard of them.

garbage palin kidsSo apparently Sarah Palin’s show premieres April 3rd if anyone cares.  I’m sure it will be incredibly classy and not at all one big publicity stunt. My guess is she shoots guns, hunts, rides a dogsled, helps kids, and saves a bear caught in a trap all in episode #1.



See her narrowly escape a “shoulder thing that goes up” incident:

Sure she might be pro gun… but bottom line is she’s just another politician in it for her own personal gain.

It’s obvious she’s talking about something she has little more than a basic understanding of.  I’m not going to be so ignorant as to blame it on the fact that shes a woman, because lots of women would be able to tell you how many rounds a standard AR-15 magazine holds… that’s basic stuff.  It’s not like the interviewer asked her the difference between a milspec and commercial buffer tube.

Things like this are exactly why I avoid politics and politicians.   Sarah Palin is one in the same when it comes to “look at me, I like guns! Vote for me if you do too!”


Hat tip: Heath


From her TLC show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’:

Sarah Palin: “Hey dad, does it kick?” :roll:  Besides that, its pretty obvious she has little to no experience with guns.  Terrible trigger discipline, doesn’t know how to load the rifle, chamber a round etc…

Also, what a courteous caribou to wait around like that. With the first rifle she took around 6 shots, then one of the other guys said something about how the gun must be off so she should try the other gun because it is dead on (heh.. right…. the gun was off).

What an embarrassment. I think this show is doing more to hurt her political career and whatever credibility she might have had, than it is helping it.

It’s a real shame they didn’t let her scope herself on national TV for some LOLz.

The TV show’s website – HERE (if you’re looking for more random stuff to roll your eyes at)

A funny animated gif of her with a shotgun from a previous episode – HERE


These two make me want to puke. If you have never seen “the hills”, I definitely don’t recommend subjecting yourself to an episode. All you need to know is that these are 2 people that should not be anywhere near guns.

Also, I didn’t realize California was so lenient regarding going for an afternoon stroll with your shotgun and a 6 pack of beer.  Note the fabulous trigger discipline in picture #2 *sarcasm*.

Photos: Pacific Coast News