sarah silverman

Our buddy Carnik Con as Sarah Silverman LOL:

Oh man… that is perfect.  If you missed the original Black NRA video click the link.

LOL “The Final Solution” hahaha yea no kidding

CarniK-Con-YouTubeThe classic ENDO Apparel M16 selector switch t-shirt makes an appearance!

Holy that song at the end is money too.  He really needs to come out with an album.



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I hate the term NSFW, but if you work around kids then you probably shouldn’t watch this until you get home:

Telling us how it is in her usually sassy way.

The gun stuff starts at 2:04.  hahaha good choice of “gun owner” pictures. *smh*

Get a firearm license so you can vote, *shrug* sounds good to me.

Interesting, she’s not married to Jimmy Kimmel anymore… now it’s some other comedian, “Kyle Dunnigan”.  I looked him up on YouTube… decently funny guy.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott