saudi arabia

Woooooo look at this.  The dance of their people with muzzle loaders!:


If there was a Saudi Jeff Cooper he wouldn’t be too fond of this.  But YOLO.

There’s a tasteful Aladdin joke here somewhere, I just can’t find it.

Yung Ahmed treating the muzzle loader like a witches broom.

On the count of 3 in Arabic.

Squad goals right there.  You just know they are sliding into Saudi female DMs with that pic and the simple question “Tell me is you rollin with the squad or nah?

Head over to the original Reuters article to see more of their pictures.  Other cultures fascinate me.

Thoughts?   Someone should recreate this traditional dance with American Semi-autos!

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Gives a new meaning to spray and pray:

Apparently shooting guns off in celebration is common practice at weddings in the Middle East. Try using both hands next time dumbass.

After he finishes shooting, what he’s says is roughly translated as “My bad guys… my bad!”

Hat tip: Bryan S.


Not a whole lot of gun content in this, but if you’ve ever dreamed of pushing your family sedan to the limits you’ll appreciate what these guys can do:

Races and Airshows, although a great American pastime are inherently dangerous,  proven most recently in Reno NV.  For that reason, although I enjoy both of them, I’d rather observe from a safe distance.

Damn these guys can drive though!

Hat tip: Bryan