savior equipment


Bruthers are always doing sneaky bags of one type or another.  Like I said in the Instagram caption.. it’s not really that greyman if you look like you definitely DON’T play tennis.  Oh well, as always it’s about “Peacocking and flair” and I can tell you for sure that this cute little tennis bag will generate a lot more conversation amongst a band of bruthers than if one of them just was like “yea I picked up a tool bag from Harbor Freight for the same purpose and it works great”.

$240 at Savior Equipment.  At first glance I thought that was a pretty high price.. and it is, but it includes a lot of firearm specific accessories.

I know this will never happen, but a real power move would be if one of the top tennis brands like Wilson or Prince made a gun bag.  10s of millions of dollars in free “fake outrage marketing”.


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