I bet he had to clean his pants out after that.  What was he doing with his left hand after he let go of the bipod anyways?  Moving the positioning of the linked ammo on his arm maybe? Another question… are bi-pods in general or those m249 bipods really meant to be held on to by one side while firing?  Seems like an accident waiting to happen especially when going AUTO considering bipods are normally hinged.

Gat tip: SayUncle

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I 100% refuse to call these shitty things “hoverboards”:

So many people must get hurt on those things.  Segways look like beacons of safety compared to those little micro-wheeled POS’.  I’ll call something a hoverboard when it functions like the one in Back To The Future. It’s too bad the thumbnail of the video doesn’t represent the actual video. I would have liked to see a gyroscopic toy mounted SAW haha.

Funny how he had to lean the toy into the recoil, but then when it let up he was obviously going forward quickly haha.

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-CaliforniaI tweeted to Richard the other day, that if he wanted a billion views on a video plus death threats he should get some Nike Air Mags and shoot them.  Seriously though… people would lose their minds.  Same with any of the Yeezy shoes or boots.  If this destroying expensive things for money thing is actually more than paying itself (and more) I were him I’d cherry pick all the most hypebeast stuff in every major genre.  I really think the videos need to be taking on a more Larry Vuitton style approach though, containing multiple angles, multiple items, and multiple interesting shots in slow motion etc..

I know I say this quite a bit regarding YouTube videos now, but don’t read the comments if you have any faith whatsoever in humanity and today’s youth.



Larry heads to Moscow to an awesome small arms archives at the central armed forces museum:

Saw-Puppet-BicycleHoly, the vid is sure awesome, I don’t know what was with the color it was like watching SAW haha.  I thought Larry was going be told by a puppet on a tricycle “I want to play a game”, then Larry would wake up in a bathtub with an empty can of beans beside him and commence farting glass shards while a timer counted down.  He’d have to assemble 15 very rare AK variants from a pile of random parts, and only then would he receive a handful of gas-x pills to stop the pain.

I could see how gun collecting if you were very rich could get extremely out of hand.  Wanting to acquire variants like those would always be like a dangling carrot in front of your face.



Tighten your damn suppressor before you rock and roll.

He does a pretty good job of suppressing his embarrassment in video #1:

Video #2 though… “Stay clear guys, this is going to be awesome”.  Everything is going well…. OH Wait jiggly suppressor!  For the love of god… *JAM* *rack* *Bam bam bam bam* *JAM* (Repeat 9x).   Embarassing!  Now the classic “Bad ammo” cover-up.  It’s Murphy’s law that if there are cameras and a group of people watching you this is exactly what happens.


Hat tip: Scott P.


FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infared:

What you’re seeing is the different heat levels represented by colors. Bright color = hot.

It would be pretty neat to get one of those cameras to fool around with.


An armchair shoot starting on Valentines Day:

The idea of somone caring about entering this “virtual” shooting promotion is funny.  I’m looking forward to seeing the aftermath though.  You can check out the promotion page over at  I’m not a fan of any contest (like this one) that requires you to install an “app” that spys on your twitter or facebook account.

I recall playing the original Twisted Metal back in the 90s.  I remember it being fun at the time because you could beat the living crap out of the vehicles.  Confusingly enough this new game is called Twisted Metal as well.

You can pre-order it over at Amazon for $60 for the PS3 if you’re into that sort of thing.