Sayoc tactical

I take all my advice strictly from dudes who wear backpacks and infidel hat / t-shirt combos:

Is it realistic to train for a 15 point knife attack on a stationary target?  When someone gets stabbed is their first reaction is to stand completely still and take all the remaining slices and stabs?

1:38 – That ankle roll! Rough terrain bro.  I love the roll transition to reload *slow clap*.

4:01 – Always remove the target’s hat after you kill them.  It’s just courtesy.

Why is pretty much everyone wearing a backpack in this video?  The video was from 2010, so maybe the backpack was the hot “cool guy” item then.  Also that look like the roughest shooting range I’ve ever seen.  Yes I understand training on clean concrete in an air conditioned building probably isn’t as valuable as training on rocks and sticks, but I’m sure there is a more enjoyable middle ground.

Sayoc-Tactical-Group-TrainingSayoc Tactical Group are the guys in the video, who you can talk to to train like this if you’re interested.


Gat tip: no uno


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