This is amazing:

K… guys… 7 seconds in and we see the first bit of pure gold…. The guy is running a Sig Sauer SB15 “arm brace” on that AK ahhahah. #NeverShoulderNeverForget am I right?

0:18 – DJ PAUL!  Yesssss.  If you didn’t ride around listening to Three Six Mafia in the mid 90s you just weren’t as cool as you could have / should have been.

0:24 – Shoulder contact with the SB15?  Inconclusive, I’ll keep you posted though.

1:03 – Hmmmmm I’m 99% sure that made contact.  His lawyer will argue “Your honor, I assure you it just came in contact with my client Mr Deuce Uno’s t-shirt.  Mr Deuce Uno is an upstanding member of the community, a father of six, and a church going man… he would NEVER.  This is a man that lives by codes your honor.  Never Shoulder Never Forget is something he recites to himself daily when he leaves the house with the choppa.”

1:18 – Stitches is avoiding fully shouldering it too… these guys are either getting lucky or else know what they are doing and are trolling the gun community and me right now.

Stitches-Rapper2:02 – LOL DJ Paul rocking the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun.

Normally I’d talk shit about a Stitches track because he’s usually just cookie monster yelling over a weak beat… DJ Paul blessed this one though.  I bookmarked it to listen to again.

Thoughts?  Do you think they avoided the shouldering on purpose?  Maybe they #ReadENDOonce? haha

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Something I whipped up for Instagram:

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Sig-Sauer-AR15-Pistol-BraceThat was pretty popular on there yesterday. You guys should make sure to follow me if you have Instagram, for similar posts which will likely make you laugh. I won’t be cross-posting them all here so otherwise you’ll miss out.


Highjak86 spits hot fyaaaahhhh out of their AR Pistol:

Pretty mean.

Someone please answer this question for me… I call this an AR pistol, not an SBR because I notice the use one of those Sig Arm Brace stocks on it.  In hindsight I guess that’s why they have ARP (an acronym I’ve never seen used before but I’m assuming stands for AR Pistol) in the title.  Is it legal to not use it like a pistol at all and put the brace up against your shoulder like they are?  Seems like a pretty glaring loophole to the SBR / pistol retardedness.


9 COMMENTS member / veteran AlexBosco knocks it out of the park with this one:

Mmmmm up close it looks like it’s made out of cake:

About the product:

I have been developing with the Chief Prosthetis at local Veterans Hospital a Stabilizing Brace (SB15) for the ar15 pistol, and a few other pistols that are similar in format, that I think all of us here will appreciate. I haven’t posted anything sooner because I’ve been waiting for the “Patent Pending Approval” from my patent lawyer and the phone call from the ATF giving me the verbal ok. The ATF has finally given me the verbal ok over the phone and I am expecting the Approval letter shortly, which I will post once received. I am a veteran and after 12 years of service and various deployments I have some mobility issues with my shooting hand and arm and the intent of the SB15 is to assist those with limited strength or mobility while shooting from the one-handed pistol precision stance or one handed supported stance.

That’s awesome.  I really hope he doesn’t charge more than $120 for it.  I imagine the market is a lot bigger than he originally might anticipate.  A lot of people with perfectly fine mobility are going to want this thing just to make their AR pistol suck less (those of you that don’t have SBRs know what I mean).  If he tries to charge $150 for instance, people might as well just add another $50 and go the SBR route.  I’ve never worked with foam rubber, but I’m assuming it’s not any more expensive than the usual polymers.  If he keeps to the design pictured, the mold wouldn’t be that complicated either so I don’t anticipate the start-up costs being out of hand.

Alex says the final product will be available in black, tan, and olive drab.

You can read the full post and see more pictures over at


Hat tip: Eugene, Don