So he “stepped down” hahah stepped down… riiiiiiiiiight way to pretend the ball was in your court Jerry

If your new to this story you can read what Recoil magazine editor Jerry Tsai wrote about the HK MP7 in the hands civilians.

On the MrColionNoir video post on the topic I predicted this “stepping down” event taking place.  I’m not a psychic or anything.. it was bound to happen.

Jerry “Failsauce” Tsai’s long winded parting statement can be read over at FAILCOIL magazine‘s site, along with a statement from the parent media company.

I get bored easily with useless stuff like this, and frankly I didn’t think this was much of a scandal in the first place so it irritates me that I actually talked about it 3 times.  The thing that pisses me off the most is that this OUTRAGE caused them to gain around 1000 facebook fans from the number I recorded the day I found out about the scandal.  Like they say… no press is bad press.  How old is Paige Wyatt?  I’m thinking I should email her and see if she’s down for something scandalous that will net us both scrooge McDuck money and a bigger following.


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A recent video put out by an anti-gun group GunWar:

haha how poorly done.  Not only does the one narrator suck, but as weer’d mentioned in his post they got their “facts” completely wrong.  The ATF allowed these straw purchases to happen because they wanted to track the guns to high level traffickers and key figures in the Mexican cartels.  So much for the scary part of the video.

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The gun store guys gripe about the ATF gun walking scandal:

I’m 100% behind free speech, but I think it’s priceless how openly critical these guys are of the ATF when their livelihood depends on them, and they likely deal with them and their forms dozens of times per day.  #NotASingleF**kWasGiven I suppose hahha.

The whole operation really still seems surreal to me.  A lot of people, and organizations don’t run it past a good litmus test I was taught a while back which is “Don’t do anything which you would be embarrassed to have everyone you know, read about in the paper or see on the news”.   Some solid advice for contemplating life changing decisions if you ask me.

5:00 – Condoning killing illegal Mexican immigrants as they’re crossing.   *facepalm* Yea I’m staying out of that one.  If it really was a priority the border could be sealed up as tight as the North Korea one with sentries and everything.  That’s definitely a touchy subject with a lot of people though, and even the ones that are for it probably wouldn’t want to admit it to a lot of people they know.

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