Iraqveteran8888 looked into it on April fools:

  1. Glock 17 with 100 round beta mag
  2. Remington R1 1911 with TiRant suppressor
  3. Saiga-12 SBS
  4. Mercury Magnum double barrel 10GA
  5. Saiga AK conversion

Iraqveteran8888-ENDOhaha funny stuff.  Damn that Barrett .50 is nice.  I’d like that double barrel 10 GA for the novelty aspect of it, but I don’t think I’d enjoy shooting it that often.



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If people like this are reproducing, future generations are doomed:

The derp starts at around 0:40.  Wow how hilarious!  You shot near your friend!   Classic stuff…  pranks like this are so funny.  UH No… :/

I really hope the .22LR conversion kit guy left soon after that and never spoke to those retards again.

Thoughts?  Ever been a vicitim of a “hilarious” scare fire prank yourself?  What was the outcome?

Hat tip: Kenny


Hide yo’ kids hide yo’ wife, we live in an age of Gunbrella scares:

Burlington, MA – Police responded in force today to a report of a man with a rifle at a mall, evacuating shoppers and calling in a SWAT team as worried workers locked themselves into stores. But it turned out that the man was only carrying an umbrella.

Police said the umbrella, which had a samurai sword-style handle, did look like a rifle, and they didn’t fault those at the Burlington Mall who had reported the man.

Full Story – HERE

The previous umbrella assault rifle story – HERE

A couple things on my mind:

When is Obama going to start an ATU task force? (Alcohol Tobacco Umbrellas) to put a stop to this madness.

Does the umbrella take high capacity assault clips?

We really need to patch up this umbrella loophole before someone gets hurt.

Hat tip: John J