A personal epiphany from an ex firearm enthusiast / whiny little beeotch:


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The story starts off where the author scares a burglar away with his firearm.  It was stressful for him, but as far as I’m concerned it did the job it was intended to do… then the story gets weird:

Only in fantasy does keeping a gun in the home make you safer; the statistical reality is just the opposite. Only in fantasy is the possibility of even minimal gun regulation a threat “to take away all the guns.” And only in fantasy can arming teachers and abolishing gun-free zones be seen as a reasonable response to gun violence — for only in fantasy does throwing more of a problem at a problem equal a solution.


First of all, in his story, this “burglar” was running away… that hardly sounds like a situation in which you would shoot unless you wanted to go to jail.  Maybe the rules are different in Atlanta though, I don’t know.


Hat tip: Eric, Will