You’re at the Kwik-E-Mart trying to hook some noms up, and some scumbag comes in trying to rob the place. What do you do?


The product placement in the vid was like watching the remake of Red Dawn.  Not to say it really took away from the content, but it was extremely forced.  I’m convinced maybe even Doritos, Sun Chips, Lay’s, and Cheetos were a sponsor.  The production value was nice though, so I guess that needs to be paid for somehow.

5:21 – Michelle Michelle Michelle… *smh* *sigh*.  I’m surprised the robber didn’t have more fun with it, sparta kick and then Mozambique her for the LOLs.

12:47 – Was shooting through the purse really necessary here?  The robber had his back to her and was pre-occupied.  Seems like she had adequate time to draw.  Whatever works though I suppose.

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You’re not a cop. What would you do:

Definitely an interesting scenario to stumble upon.  For some reason I know my initial reaction would be to want to hurt the guy doing the choking, and help the guy getting choked.  Who’s to say the guy getting choked isn’t the “bad guy” though?  You have no idea what happened before you got there… which is why this is such an intense situation.  Would you even want to get involved?  What if it escalates and one of them has a gun?

I’m surprised they do this kind of social experiment anywhere, but especially in the U.S..  Most places in the world where guns are not so prevalent, the absolute worst case scenarios I can think of would be someone winding up and kicking the guy doing the choking full force in the head, or hitting him really hard with something (like that fire extinguisher), or stabbing him with a knife.  If this wasn’t set in NYC, the chance of someone drawing a gun would likely be very high.

1:35 – Ugh douchebag recording it on his cellphone probably thinking of getting that youtube money.  Despicable.

It may all be faked for the video or it may not be… the scenario is something to think about though whether you carry or not.

The website listed at the end of the video actually refers to this new movie Dead Man Down:

Dead-Man-Down-Movie-PosterColin Farrel and Terrence Howard hey?  I’ll risk 2 hours of my time on that when it’s out on disc.

1:17 – FAIL!  Sweet blank bro.

Thoughts?  What would you do if you walked right up on someone being hurt by another person?  Would you get involved? Has this type of thing ever happened to you?

Hat tip: Gabe