The results were not really any surprise to me.  Cool to watch though.  I like the firing rig he built.


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They did a nice job on these promo vids, so I figured I’d post them:

Thoughts?  Also, why hasn’t the NFA been repealed yet?  The petition got the required number of signatures months ago.  *that question was sarcasm btw*  I swear most people thought signing that petition would mean they could buy suppressors down at walmart once it it reached the 100k goal.  I’m not holding my breath for that, but I don’t see it as being out of the realm of possibility if ownership of them continues to be normalized… which a lot of the big names are really doing a nice job at promoting in their marketing over the last few years.


Bill Nye clownin’ with some science jokes:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalI’d go do that with Arnold, if given the chance.  Whoever does that slow mo for him really knows what they are doing too… it’s top notch.

Whose seen Terminator Genisys?  Decent as it looked in the trailer?


Shooting is a science.  Measuring the muscle and brainwave activity during shooting:

Shooting-Muscle-Memory-Brainwave-ActivityLOL at those birth control shooting glasses.  She looks like she should be starring in Harry Potter & The Shooter of DERPzkaban.

The video isn’t as exciting as I hoped it would be, interesting stuff though if you’re into that kind of thing.

Thoughts?  Trying to get your alpha up brAh?  


Taofledermaus puts a flame on a test tube of Hoppe’s #9 for science:


1:39 – Wheeeeeeee. *snore*  Does look a bit cooler in slow motion though of course.

Interesting that nothing was really going on with it as it was heating up, then it just suddenly exploded.


<– Hoppe’s #9 air freshener I posted about a while back.


Mattv2099 gets dynamic and high speed low drag:


Those tenifer atoms in the Glock slide are something else!

If you didn’t realize it, this was some taofledermaus trolling… that guy is always with the science that blows my mind.