Taofledermaus continues his quest for the perfect shotgun projectile haha:

Yea they fly like shit (unsurprisingly).  Needless to say I still wouldn’t want a screwdriver flying at me because they definitely still do fly in the general direction of point of aim.  Damn can you imagine getting a screwdriver key-holed in your body?  That would not be fun… granted a slug would be a lot worse.

Demolition Ranch did a test a while back on screwdriver shotgun projectiles among other test in the video.

KingOfShotgunsI’m looking forward to when Taofledermaus gets awarded 523 million dollars from NBC, so he can do platinum slugs.



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Hold it sideways and mount that feminine light switch plate your wife has been nagging you to put up:

They should have put a trigger guard and real picatinny rails on that bad boy.  I give the makers of this commercial an A for effort.  Those actors are no Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (from Mr. & Mrs. Smith which this is a parody of), but they do just fine.


It’s just a matter of time before someone makes some custom kydex for this.

Available for $50 on Amazon

Hat tip: Sam


From WORX. Is it revolver?  Is it A semi-auto?  It’s BOTH, and it’s a screwdriver:

You pull the slide back to change bits which are held in 2 revolver-type cylinders.

Electric screwdrivers have a history of pissing me off so forgive me if I’m skeptical of how well this thing will actually work.  If I get word that it does work well, I might get one and hold it sideways while unscrewing everything I can find, because I’m cool like that.

Available for $50 on Amazon

I hope someone modifies it to shoot the bits.


Hat tip: Kev, Les