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We’re now past the point that I can’t tell if some of the stuff I post about was originally intended to be a joke or not:

I have to say the only good thing about this video is that he used Future – Perkys Calling. ¬†That song is ūüĒ•, and in my daily rotation along with the rest of the Purple Reign album. ¬†It’s almost hard to believe it was released as a 100% free Mixtape it’s that fire. ¬†Everything else in the video is incredibly bizarre right down to the purple nitrile gloves. ¬†I don’t know guys… give it a watch and decide for yourself. ¬†If it’s serious, what is this guy providing “security” for? ¬†Those fits are possibly the least “greyman” I’ve ever seen in my life. A look at the rest of the videos on his channel suggests he works in Central America. I’ve never been, so maybe this is normal there?

Thoughts?  Are we being trolled, or is this guy dead serious?

Gat tip: Guru262

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