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Firepower United again. haha I love this guy:

Troll-FaceHis cadence is like none other.

I really wasn’t expecting what seems to be an actual G18C.  I say this because normally we just see G17s with the selector slide plate.


Gat tip: Kyle


Holy, wow this is excruciating to watch.  I know I normally exaggerate, but this will cause you real physical pain when you view it trust me:

Graduate from hand gesture academy top of his class.  The shame is I really like this guy’s message if I was reading it on paper, but watching the video makes me want to actually put my head through the monitor just to make him stop talking.  For real though, if I wasn’t “blogging” about this video I would have already shut if off.  I had no idea people like this actually exist in real life.

Oh and here’s a rough draft of a scene… you know, just to WOW you with the production value, acting, and overall quality:

I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my entire life for someone else.  Normally I don’t really care what other people do, but I genuinely feel terrible that this even exists.

gun-self-defense-for-womenYou can check out the Indiegogo (naturally *eyeroll* *groan*) campaign here.  As you can see it’s not doing so hot (huge shocker I know).

Thoughts?  Seriously though, did I just get trolled?  I’d actually be relieved if I did, because that would mean this guy is just being this “Derek Savage” character in an attempt to go viral and this is all fake and terrible on purpose. Something tells me this is all genuine though, after looking at Derek Savage’s website and browsing the links at the bottom.

Gat tip: Adam



“Salt was designed around the belief that a gun does not have to take a life to protect a life.” So basically #CriminalsLivesMatter.  It’s so progressive to want to save the life of a scumbag who wants to hurt you.  All criminals should get a 2nd and a 3rd and a 4th etc.. chance at hurting someone else.  Can you imagine how scared criminals are going to be about the potential of someone shooting slow moving powdery balls at them?  I CAN’T EVEN.

“We keep it in our nightstand because it’s not deadly, you don’t have to lock it up,” said CEO Adam Kennedy. “You should feel comfortable having this by your bed, because your kid can’t kill himself with this.”  The $300 handgun is powered by CO2 cartridges and holds seven .70-caliber slugs. They contain ghost pepper extract encased in a ball that breaks on impact like an egg. He said it causes the lungs to constrict, as they would during an asthma attack. He said the shooter does not have to hit the intruder directly, since every shot releases a five-foot spray of pepper extract.  Full story at Fox News.

Hipster-Salt-Self-Defense-GunAHHAHAHA sorry but any “defense method” which depends on CO2 gas, the direction of the wind, type of clothing the target is wearing, the intended target’s ability to just run 5 ft away from the powder is just too hilarious to even fathom.  Naturally there was an Indiegogo campaign for this, which since has been removed for violating Indiegogo’s “This product is a piece of shit policy”.  Haha I wish they were so bold.. but it actually just violated their policy that products can not harm anyone.  Oh well I’m sure these hipsters will have millions of idiots throwing millions of dollars at them on another platform in no time flat.

Thoughts?  Would operate in irritating and possibly effective powdered self defense operations?


Watch and learn:

From my dudes Forest City Tactical (Kydex Prodects) and Practically Tactical (YouTube show / Podcast).

Note: This defense method is not legal in California.

If you pay close attention you can see the ENDO Can’t Even morale patch on Forest City Tactical’s hat.


Against a UK knife attack specifically in this video.  I don’t know whether to cry or LOL:

I’m assuming “pretending” your toy gun is real, all while having a realistic looking toy gun is not going to do you any favors when it comes to staying out of Jail.  “But.. but… officer I was carrying around this realistic looking handgun just in case some guy with a knife tried to attack me!”… Something tells me that wouldn’t go over well.

Legal ramifications aside.. how sad is it that there is nothing people in the UK can protect themselves with there besides a phone call to the police?  I wonder if you could carry a baseball glove and bat around all the time with you and operate under the guise of “Just ALWAYS going to baseball practice officer” haha that might work but you’d definitely need the glove to look the part.


Hat tip: JohnnyIShootStuff


ENDO blog reader Piers Morgan v.s. Washington Times pro-gun journalist Emily Miller:

1:15 – Piers asks “Why would you prefer to shoot him?” (rather than talk a thug down again like Emily Miller did the first time)

1:36 – Oh Piers… comparing the USA to “other countries” again, then putting value on someones life who wants to come into your house, steal your stuff and possibly kill you.

1:53 – He never reads any examples of defensive gun use?  Uhhh… well the most interesting/funny ones are definitely reported when they happen.  Take the recent story where a thug tried to rob a store and pulled a gun on a military veteran for example.  The news is in the business of making money… why on early would they report every non-story like “Person pulled their gun out and told robber they would shoot… robber left”… yawn, that’s not going to sell papers or advertising.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-Off4:35 – LOL I knew Piers would see my article on Iowa issuing carry permits to the blind sooner or later.  I was expecting a shout out, but whatever I’ll have Piers just buy me a beer sometime.


Oh and Emily Miller has sharp elbows… 2/10, wouldn’t.  LOL just kidding, but I knew someone was going to say something like that.