You really never know what kind of dumb things are about to go down at public shooting facilities:

From Top Gun Range in Houston Texas, which I’m sure is daily host to a veritable cornucopia of derp.

I’m just hoping Tweedledumb at least got that flick off for the ‘gram before getting kicked out for life.  Otherwise it would have been all in vain.

Man that RSO was such a prince about the whole thing.  Props to that guy.


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Gun safety isn’t cool in the hood now, and never was cool in the hood:

Trigger discipline, safe directions, and being sure what’s beyond your target are for NARCs.

I used to have so much respect for the LOX.  This song is a long way from the Money Power Respect & We Are The Streets album days.  I guess you gotta stay topical though… and selfies are (or at least were topical).  At least all the members are looking healthy… eating right and hitting the gym no doubt.

Even the beat on this is weak.  Sounds like something you could choose by default on an electronic keyboard from walmart.

LOX-Rap-GroupApparently the LOX does have a new album dropping Oct. 31st called “The Trinity: 2nd Sermon” *FUNK FLEX BOMB DROPS**FUNK FLEX BOMB DROPS*.  Despite this song, I’ll definitely give it a chance.


Gat tip: James