Your friend pulls up with that erector set contraption and says “If I can crack your safe code in under 20 minutes, can I have a gun?”  What do you say?

I too noticed that ~3 number buffer zone on the combo numbers.. you really don’t have to be exact at all you just turn it near the numbers and good enough.  I see what that’s not ideal after watching this video.  I’m assuming the extremely high end safes have their own sets of problems, but I imagine that the combo number buffer zones aren’t one of them.

Wired also wrote an article which basically says the same thing as the video if you’re interested.   Every time I see how many articles I have left to read for free every month I panic. 


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SHOTS FIRED at Sentry:

Shots-Fired-TriBlack-Shirt-Thumb2:31 – The old sock and magnet trick.

3:40 – Demonstration of the flaw.  Wow, that’s bad.

Holy this Mr. Locksmith guy is a savage.  I find security really interesting, and it’s something I’ve posted about before.  Deviant Ollam (who I’m a huge fan of) also is heavy into exposing security flaws, and has exposed different popular gun “safes”.

Thoughts?  Anyone quietly upgrading their safe?  Maybe investing in a rare earth magnet because you forgot your code? :P


This software is designed to automatically detect, track and anticipate moving targets so that a robotic turret, powered by off-the-shelf hobby servos, can accurately engage them. The turret can be bought or built to aim a paintball gun, second video/still image camera, airsoft gun, water gun, nerf gun, laser, etc…

Source – The Sentry Project

Check out the video:


Very cool idea, and setup.  Seems like the software and hardware could use a bit of work when it comes to stability, speed, and accurate targeting… judging by the company’s website, the programmer is hard at work on software upgrades.

The total cost for this rig (minus the laptop and gun) is $250

My only question is, how long until someone pops a real gun into that rig and causes some major damage?

Seems like a huge liability considering the way you fire a toy gun and a real gun is pretty much identical.  The only thing that would likely need to be upgraded is the strength of the turret, because of the increased recoil it would need to withstand.

If you buy one of these please don’t hook it up to a computer labeled “HAL 9000” :P

Hat Tip: SayUncle