The Royal Nonesuch x Mark Serbu creation:

Man, once again that hand guard with the TEC-9 air holes WOOOOOOOO *FLAMEZ EMOTICONS x 1000*.

$875 he says, but I can’t find it on the Serbu Firearms website.  I’m sure you can email him and ask how you can get your hands on one though.

Gat tip: Jim


Royal-Nonesuch-ENDONot really much new info besides that render.  It’s missing a forend though, which he does mention his final rifle will definitely have along with a bi-pod and foregrip.  It would be a good idea to throw a strip of picatinny rail on the top for a scope.  It’d throw a couple keymod speed holes on it too for operational street cred.  Also, he should name the rifle “Valerie” after Mark Serbu’s daughter (who I predicted he will fall in love with and eventually go on to inherit the family business).  Valerie Nonesuch has a great ring to it for real.

Him and Mark Serbu want advice on what type of vids they should make together besides the .50 BMG build ones.  Thoughts?


This little Remington 870 shotgun is fun to watch.  There Jeremy kid did a review:

Having a hand that close to the business end makes me nervous.  Oh well as long as you have a good grip on that pump grip I guess you should be all right.

You can read the full review and see some killer pics over at TTAG (or as Jeremy, the guy in the video calls it “Tea Tag”… man I hate when some acronyms are pronounced.  This one sounds too close to “Tea Bag” for comfort too haha).  ENDO has a cool ring to it when pronounced, and doesn’t sound similar to anything sus… unless you count INDO as sus… “Rollin down the street smoking indo, sippin on gin and juice.”  Putting the fairly recent gun control bitchassification of Snoop Dogg aside, the guy made some classic music that will never get out of my steady rotation.

It’s not up for debate how superior my Guns and Coffee t-shirt is to that gas station looking design mess he’s wearing.  Click the link to pick one up if you’re interested.  I also have a Guns and Coffee morale patch for only $5 with free shipping.


George-Costanza-SeinfeldI missed this whole “controversy”, but it’s pretty funny.

1:14 – “We are just going to shoot him”  LOL wtf?  That’s a gun guy joke?  I’ve never heard that before.  Did that guy seriously say that to a journalist and expect it not to be taken in any way other than incredibly negative?



Gy6vids delivers:

Holy that’s intense.  Lucky he was mindful of his thumbs, they would have been broken backwards for sure if he wasn’t careful.

Dude rolls with Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms, cool.  I’ve always liked their stuff.  I’m assuming they made that 20mm, even though I can’t find it on the website.

Keanu-WoahI know I used to be subbed to gy6… he must have fell of my radar in an accidental unsubbing or something because I haven’t seen any of his vids I realized in the last little while.