Whoa that folding auto at the start!  I didn’t even know that existed so I googled it and saw it’s a PP-90.

Is Royal Nonesuch Russian?  This guy in the video also seems to survive off safety squints / no ear pro. haha

Speaking of the PP-90, I still think about this Magpul FMG9 prototype on a daily basis. I really wish they could get Glock on board and actually create that thing as a legendary collab. The internet would explode and it would require wartime-like effort to keep up with demand, where random manufacturing companies from all types of industries would be creating them:


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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From unit 22; code name “DERP”, whose mantra is “Try not to die”:

The rolls are the “practical” part, in case you were wondering. :roll:

What’s with the 180 degree turn they do every time they need to change magazines? This isn’t airsoft! Facing your back towards live fire isn’t going to make it hurt less if you get hit.

Damn that camo is ugly… and fits like pajamas should.

Anyone want to weigh in?

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Getting kicked and pushed around to simulate actual conditions?

Also, that would be so irritating having someone fire blanks (I’m assuming they are blanks) off right near your head.

If you were actually getting treated that way in real life, I think it would be safe to say that it would be from the enemy (not your own guys), and you would be disarmed.

Anyone have more info on training like this?  Is it widely practiced?

Thanks to JP for the video!