Shark Jump

Out with the old:


In with the new:


Pics from Black Wire Studio.

homer-jump-sharkI have no context for that above picture but it looks like he’s shooting distance since he’s running a magnified optic and steading using his knee.  I’m sure this must be legit in distance shooting, but I’ve just never seen something so awkward looking.  He also has his thumb bent over on the right side of the receiver which I’m also assuming has some sort of body mechanics advantage.    No arm tape in this pic, I’m disappointed.  If placed strategically it would definitely help mitigate forearm magazine chafing, using this grip method in a high-speed scenario.

The rail length on those WarSport LVOA rifles are MADE for Costa.  I bet they measured his hyperextended arm length before finalizing the design.

Anyone care to weigh in?  Is this grip the new hotness for long distance work, and I’m just out of touch?

Gat tip: Zack

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This week has been a dream for Costa Japan memes:

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

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A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

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If you missed the original Costa Japan post, click through and read up.  Shit is hilarious.  I should clarify that I don’t give two shits how Costa or anyone else makes a living.  Doesn’t mean I won’t make fun of you for it though if it’s something as funny as going from Art Of The Tactical ____ USA idol to being a toy gun shill / Japan boy love idol.  Do you though Costa… do you.  I’ll be the first in line to get you to sign my tactical titty someday.

Oh lawd, 2015 is a great time to be alive amirite?

Purple-Shark-Military-Medal-EtsyAnyone else think that Costa picatinny figurine is begging to be mounted on all 4 sides of a quadrail?  I wonder what Haley thinks about all this?



*In my best Oprah voice* YOU get a boner!  YOUUU get a boner!  YOUUUUUUUU get a boner too!:

That there is the Chris Costa a.k.a. Sharky McJumperson *new* in turbo-hungry “paying my great grandkids college tuition” mode… shilling airsoft guns!  Oooooooooh kill’em ooooooooh.  I SHIT YOU NOT.

Holy god the excitement and man love in that room you’d need a reciprocating saw with a tungsten carbide blade to even ATTEMPT to cut through it… but to your dismay the blade would be like “nah bro, I just want a sniff of Costa.  GIMME ONE or I’ll cut you.” ew… just ew.

Here he is playing with some toy guns, in full turbo operator mode, making more JP boys fall in love:

1:58 – OHOOOOOO speed reload!  Multiple consecutive malfunction clear!  +1000 JP man love.

2:16 – The Japanese paid extra for that little *bow chicka wow wow* he did with the 1911 slide.  That’s in the options package that most countries can’t afford to spring for.

2:23 – Suspicious… that dude was on his knees in front of Costa.  CANNOT UNSEE or UN-IMAGINE.

2:36 – Costa’s *acting like I care what’s going on inside this POS* face.

2:58 – Ah cool, fake ammo he says to himself… they are paying me to care about this garbage he says to himself.

4:18 – Nothing but steel!  No wait… probably just pot metal or thin aluminum for it to ping off. *snicker*

4:54 – One on deck!  Just like real life. <3 CC

Here’s a 30 minute long Q&A with Costa (translated to Japanese after he says a sentence), which I don’t have the time to watch tonight:

I’m sure the above video is enthralling LOL… let me know in the comments.

Like, did he not know these vids would end up on the internet?  Or is this some cool new social media / rebranding strategy I wouldn’t understand?


BRB, this post gave me Lupus… Costa Lupus. In all honesty though, when vids like this show up in my email it makes me happy to be ENDO even more than I already am.

Oh and if you thought I was joking about the Love dolls, and fake girlfriends click those links.

No disrespect to JP as a whole, I fuck with your clothing and design heavy… you just need to get some self confidence and drive with the females though my dudes.  Or don’t… whatever makes you guys happy. :)


Hat tip: Jason, GearWhoresAnon, nouno


If you’re not spinning your flashlight when you pull it out, you’re not keeping it 100 while operating:

Unlike the rest of the handgun guys in the video, Costa naturally operates with 2 lights… one with the spinner gizmo, and one on his handgun:


Smith Optics sunglasses?  wtf?  Is that a marketing play by Smith to try and position themselves as the “New Oakley” for high-speed-low-drag operators?

Here is a video on tactical technique:

haha 2-legit.

I wonder if that would be considered illegal in states that brass knuckle possession is outlawed?  Looks like you could definitely do some damage if you punched someone with that gizmo on your hand.

You can read more about / purchase the Switchback flashlight gizmo for Surefire flashlights over at Thyrm.

homer-jump-sharkI have ideas for a tactical cheese grater, and a next level diaper changing station… I’m thinking about seeing if Costa would co-sign either for 3% (negotiable of course) royalties.

Hat tip: Joseph