Taofledermaus with some science:

JujubeCandyWhoa whoa hold up *skreeeeeeeeech* “JEW-JEW-BEE”? Now that I see the package there is a bee on it so maybe that is how it’s pronounced. We always called them “JEW-JEWBS” though. My memory of them is that my great grandma always had a bowl of them which were all rock hard. If that wasn’t bad enough, they soaked up the taste of the other candies they were stored with such as mints and chocolates. haha

The thing I love about Taofledermaus is that he does his videos for the sport of it, and he’s real personable.  Quarter million subs too *Obama face* not bad… not bad.


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Demolition Ranch with some more redneck science:

Ranch-DressingI have yet to see an “ammo in the microwave” video that has even bit the least bit exciting.  For some reason every single time I still think to myself “It’s going to be epic this time I know it!”…. *buzzer noise* wrong.

What was with the music?  Sounds like he stole it from some corny 80s action movie love scene. haha



Taofledermaus shares some of his fails:

Egypt-Shotgun-Hulls-On-FingersInteresting commentary and demos regardless.  I like how these guys do even the most ridiculous viewer suggestions.

I wouldn’t call that carrot one a fail.  Ban assault carrots!



Have Yourself A Crafty Little Christmas:

Natalie-Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Shotgun-Shell-Christmas-Tree-OrnamentMOAR glitter indeed.  Thank you Natalie for reminding me how alone I am. haha :/

Wait a minute… that looks suspiciously like the tree Hickok45 chopped down.  Scandalous!  Nice work Hickok.  ;)

I abandoned the idea of getting a Christmas tree when I realized that “Black Spruce” was just a clever name.  Too green; not tactical enough for my liking.  I’m waiting for the lab to finish my carbon nanotube Christmas tree, ETA 2016.

Natalie has a blog called Girl’s Guide To Guns which you should check out.


DIY shotgun slug, with a whole lot of ear-pro induced yelling for humor sake:

Holy that’s obnoxious!  My throat would be dead after like 10 seconds of yelling like that.

The gun store guys did a less annoying segment on cut shells a while back if you’re interested.

Absuperman definitely makes some interesting videos (see I hate 1911s, and I hate Glocks)



Pan flute made by scavenging a few bullet casings and random bits of junk to make a musical instrument perfect for the post apocalypse jam session!

  • DIY instructions – HERE

Looks cool.. very industrial.

I hope if people take the DIY authors advice and use discarded shell casings they picked up at a range they make sure to wash them VERY VERY well.  You can get really sick from lead poisoning or from dirty gunpowder.