Shep Fairey

Troll harder Fairey:


This guy!  He’s trying to be the Andy Warhol of our generation, and I suppose it’s paying off handsomly for him… but seriously his ideas are all “meh”.  Take this for instance… use contrasting colors and saying ASSAULT WEAPONS AND OMG HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES are an investment of satan.  Also, is that an AK-47 with AR parts on it? an ARAK-15 perhaps?  Sweet Krinkov flash suppressor bro.

Another question I have, is did he just go and throw the letters NRA on the poster without giving a single?  The NRA obviously has a registered trademark on that, so technically unless they gave Fairey explicit permission to use their brand in his propaganda he could get in deep shit.  I can’t just throw the letters NRA on a t-shirt for instance unless I was looking for trouble.  I emailed my contact at the NRA, so I’ll update you guys when I hear back from her.

If you want to read all the facebook comments on this poster and Fairey’s deep “purpose” statement about the artwork the posts are HERE and HERE.


Hat tip: Mike


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