Source – Nike

For a measly $30 you’ll be fist pumping and on your way to getting your GTL (Gym Tan Laundry) on something proper.  Just make sure to order yours at least 2 sizes too small… trust me when I say that you definitely want to show the world how jacked you are.

I hate useless stylized military crossover designs… it’s embarrassing to say the least.


Go to the mall, wear this and carry an umbrella:

Make sure to say goodbye to everyone you know first. haha

Available for $16 at the NRA Store – HERE


A .44 magnum beats a stupid wand any day of the week. Combined with that invisibility cloak, that would make for a lot more interesting movie.

The shirt is currently on sale for $11 – HERE


Created by Team 254 at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA:


  • 10 Barrels
  • Capable of launching 3 shirts /second
  • Range of 150+ yards
  • Speed of 12 feet/sec+

I wonder how many launched-shirt related injuries there are every year at sporting events? :P


A new shirt from The Oatmeal:

Hoppers gonna Hoperate.

You can buy the shirt for $14 – HERE

The Oatmeal is a damn funny site if you haven’t ever checked it out.


If you’re a girl and you’re wear one of these:

Be prepared to get lots of attention, and questions about your Glock(s) and how much you shoot.

If you’re a guy and you decide to wear one… LOL… well be prepared to be mocked.

Available at the TeamGlock store for $20 – HERE