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I’m not into normally into “regulation”, but will they seriously let anyone start a firearm tactics “training” school?

I browsed around Asymmetric Solutions‘ website (Asymmetric DERP) for a bit, and of course came across the normal “we are advanced tier -9 operators who have operated in operations even in deep space in galaxies you’ve never even heard of” type stuff.  The usual LOL-worthy jargon everywhere too.

At first glance it looks like the walls are just plywood…which they are, but according to Asymmeteric DERP’s comment on the video, the fill is what counts:

Even our small quick hit shoot houses are ballistic such as the one shown in the video. The plywood is a surface facia that prevents splatter. There is ballistic sheeting and 20 inches thick of compressed tire shred before the other side of the wall’s ballistic sheeting and plywood. 5.56 will not penetrate the first sheet and spalls into the plywood. 30 rounds of AP 7.62 NATO in the same impact point will not reach the other side of the wall. It is tested up to .338 Lap Mag.

The one thing I find interesting is sure the walls there are safe (apparently) for the guys on the other side… but why train like this with your entire team running all over the place like a bunch of retards when in a real life situation walls are not going to stop bullets?  The reality is if you try and Mozambique a thug going for his piece in some shitty apartment in the hood and miss, you’re sending shots through walls and potentially into innocent people.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldWho underwrites insurance for places like these?

Looks like Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikas would be right at home there.

Thoughts?  Would train with?

UPDATE. Coincidence? Possibly, but it really wouldn’t surprised me if it was either the same person (hopping from mobile connection to desktop) or just someone they know trying to “help” out:


God what a derp-fest in the comments.


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