They’re a real one for this:

I lost it at “missing pixels” ahhahah.

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NY approved:

Edwin Sarkissian (mans in the video) is basically a less interesting Mattv2099 with an accent.  Matt hasn’t been active for 3+ months on YouTube though, so my lust for wanton destruction is being somewhat satisfied by Edwin.  I’m actually surprised he has pulled 108127 subscribers so far considering the style of the videos.

The worst part about Edwin’s vids is the non stop talking.  In this one for instance he doesn’t actually shoot a single shot until 4:05… which is pretty bad editing considering the entire video is 7 min 12 sec.  Oh well.



Meh shooting.  Stabbing AND shooting is really how the pros do it apparently:

?? Train with @hoffner_knives for some of this legit AF ?????? action. ??? ?@PracticallyTactical via Ross

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gun-community-dramaWowwwwwww.  Hoffner is the name of the training company.  If that name sounds familiar to you, they make embarrassing “Tactical Pants” which I blogged about in the past.  Hey it’s your life though, if you think stabbing and shooting + tactical turbo mom jeans are both dope then click that above link and start maxing out all your credit cards ASAP.


Gat tip: Practically Tactical


At a ranch just outside Casper, WY:


I’ve seen some pretty dull looking shoots in the past… not this one though!  Why don’t I know any cool old guys with more ammo than they know what to do with an millions of dollars in various NFA items?

More info about the shoot over at Wyoming NFA Shooters Club.  May 30th is the date the next shoot starts!


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This guy sucks at everything:


Entertaining enough haha.

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Reminiscent of the Canon AR-15 Rifle.

Hit up a streetwear shop on Wednesday looking for some new snapbacks.  I asked how much the above sticker was, and the guy just gave it to me.  Score!  I didn’t even end up buying anything, but i’ll probably go back and get a couple Penfield shirts when they get some bigger sizes in.

The design is from a skate company called The Berrics.  You might remember the name from that interview they did with the kid who’s friend shot him in the face with a shotgun.