Looks like tough work being a photographer:

Although I have zero use for a non-online calendar, I approve this one if your needs differ.

The calendars are around $28 with shipping – HERE

50% of the proceeds go to UK based charity Help For Heroes


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Keeping with the trend of occasional harry potter pics gun pics:


I hope i’m wrong, but I don’t think this was done with any camera trickery.  Just good old fashioned stupidity.

What even more mind boggling is there are at least 3 people (the guys in the video) that thought this was a good idea.  Yea.. not unsafe at all guys… keep up the good work. :roll:


Google ChromeOS demo lab has a neat little interactive website up where you can have a simulated “chat” with a lab tech to suggest how they should destroy the Cr48 netbook.

Check it out – HERE

Naturally the first thing I tried was “Shoot”.. that worked. So then “Blow Up” .. that worked too.

It suggested “William Tell” to me as well.. so I typed that in and it was pretty cool too.

Use your imagination, I’m sure there are plenty of other cool videos they have done.

To save you the trouble, I also entered some swear words and it told me to stop a few times, then it opened a new tab and googled “Cleaning Supplies” LOL

Speaking of ChromeOS and the google netbook… that is something I am buying immediately once it is released to the public.


Being a photographer looks tough:

You’d have to get pretty used to being muzzle swept, and be able to tolerate general stupidity with guns though by the looks of it.

The calendar is put out buy UK based Edgar Brothers.  It is around $30 shipped to the U.S., 50% of the net proceeds go to the UK based “Help For Heroes” foundation. Looks like Edgar Brothers has some pretty serious equipment at their disposal.

You can order it – HERE


Interesting idea.  I wouldn’t want to make shooting a light out a habit though when real handguns are near by. No telling what I might accidentally do when I’m groggy first thing in the morning.

No price or availablity date, but you can visit the website – HERE