shooting range


Don’t overthink this fellas, just let the comedy wash over you.. chuckle and move on with your day. 😂

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NOT ideal:

Gotta watch that muzzle direction. 👀😬 According to the article on FOX 8 Cleveland, it was 9mm and went through his cheeks.  Definitely could have been a lot worse.



This is out of control:

Click through the pictures 😬… just when you think you’ve seen the worst one, the next one will surprise you.

To make things even worse, most of those pictures are from the shooting range itself.

If it makes you feel any better, the Seleritas Shooting Club is in fact in Budapest, Hungary.  Obviously we’ve seen just as bad if not worse pictures to come out of the US, but I can’t say I’ve seen a shooting range post dozens of such pictures to encourage and validate the behavior.



You really never know what kind of dumb things are about to go down at public shooting facilities:

From Top Gun Range in Houston Texas, which I’m sure is daily host to a veritable cornucopia of derp.

I’m just hoping Tweedledumb at least got that flick off for the ‘gram before getting kicked out for life.  Otherwise it would have been all in vain.

Man that RSO was such a prince about the whole thing.  Props to that guy.



To recycle a joke I’ve made 1000x + a Drake line I like – “They say they miss the old NOIR.  Girl don’t tempt me”:

Good stuff.  Man that production value is so on point now, it’s like watching a multimillion dollar movie.  These “types” are all so true.

LaSorte was damn funny in this.  Good acting too.  LOL oh man the “wifey” one was priceless.

Thoughts? I’m just a guy that shoots what I pulled up with, then leaves when I’m done going through the ammo I brought.


ENDO blog reader Andy Wolf proposed to his girlfriend Anna at the range.  Very sneaky, I like it:

Whoa clearing the kydex to end an incident, stopping an armed robbery all within a couple weeks.  South Florida sounds like a rough place!

You can skip to 3:05 to go directly to the proposal.  Awesome!  Congrats to you both!