shooting range

*The sound of Anti-gun heads and safety sally heads exploding*:

Arthur-Firearms-MemeIs this 100% safe?  Is this unsafe?  My gut feeling says I would definitely have tried to avoid this when picking the spot for a shooting range.  As long as the guys there are using calibers that are actually meant for long range, I don’t see it being a problem though.  Hopefully the Swiss are as smart as I think they are… because you know if this range was anywhere across an interstate in the US, some idiot would fire off a few rounds from a can cannon (thinking he could hit the targets on the other side of the road), and in the process kill like 39 people in some sort of multi-car pile up.

2:40 – Cool shot mapper.  That’s some “hunt for Red October” shit right there.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A VR game called “Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades”.  A guy did a commentary on another gamer’s commentary video:

Fat-Guy-Virtual-RealityThis game is available on Steam.  Looks like you need some type of headset and wants to play this… I’m not a cool teen so I really don’t know exactly.

I can’t believe that watching other people play video games online is a “thing”, and it surprises me even more that some of these online gaming channels make tons of money from it.


Gat tip: Spencer


Clean, and they are noticing an increase in female membership. Cool.

That guy who owns Elite Shooting Sports is smart… no elitist attitude, no politics.  He knows the game.

American-FlagI still don’t think you can beat shooting outside away from everyone, for safety and noise reasons.  Just because these places look nice, it doesn’t mean the people who go to them are any smarter than the ones who put holes in walls, target stands, and baffles at every other range on earth.  I bet these lux places have the trowel, putty, sandpaper, and paint on deck at all times to erase the evidence haha.  Their maintenance guy is probably always like *smh* *fml*



This is what some people like Bob Harvey call “training”:

You know what though… at least if you miss the threat, they will be bent over laughing so you can make another pass with some follow-up shots. *smh* some people.  That left hand to the head or up in the air is so crucial.

Macerena-Shooting-Range-TrainingI always cringe too when I see people do no-look speed re-holstering.  Like what’s the rush to get the gun back in the holster?   You’re not TIER -23 if you can do it in 0.5 seconds.


Gat tip: Al


Sonny Puzikas everyone:

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldROFL at the fact this dude still exists in the firearms community.  What is “Sonny Vision” anyway?  The video is cryptic, but I’m guessing from his experience it has something to do with entering a dark shooting range shoot house (where your “vision” is impaired), and shooting someone negligently.  Sound about right?

Thoughts?  Would train with Sonny “shoot house” Puzikas in 2015?




Here is her justification of why her shooting range is now a Muslim-free Zone.  Oh cool she has a “media company”… yea this plan is pretty see-through.  Standard attention grab at the national level.  Create OUTRAGE and you’ll lose some people but overall probably gain customers through bigotry and free advertising.  I don’t know enough about Islam to comment on the validity of her arguments on the excerpts she grabbed from the Quran.  I went to school with numerous Muslim guys and girls that were great people so regardless of what “some” people who follow Islam have done, I can’t hate.  White people of all religions have done terrible things since the beginning of time too.  The holocaust, Oklahoma city bombing,  etc… what’s next a Jewish range owner banning people with German sounding names from their shooting range?  Yea that would be derpy too.

Thoughts?  Genius business plan in these ISIS times, or derp-level-infinity?