Come thru. Oakleys, mullet, and Bravo Concealment on deck fam:

Just a chill 16 minutes worth of questions at some random bus station somewhere.  Seems like a smart / hard working guy.  Sure a lot of the videos he puts out now are just ridiculous and provide no real value, but they are fun to watch and poke fun at… and they serve the purpose of marketing his skills so mission accomplished on his part.

Funker Tactical didn’t ask the most important question… the one about when his “Feels like I’m wearing ZERO” tactical yoga pants are coming out. *cue the sexy flanders pic*

Thoughts?  We need more casual videos like this with some of the popular guys in the industry.


This was made by photographer Andyax, after running a crowd funding campaign.  Here’s the trailer so you can get the idea:

The full length is also out now, and 40 minutes long if you want to check it out:

I haven’t watched the full length yet, but the trailer / concept is interesting.

I thought I remembered the name “Andyax” from something… and sure enough I had posted about him way back in 2011, when he put out a few short films where he picked up sticks in the forest and used them as guns.


Gat tip: JohnnyIshootStuff




I don’t know anything about AREX brand handguns… are they any good?  Visually, they always came across like they are trying to be Sigs.  That said, I realize theres a limit to what you can do design-wise when you don’t want to scare people and come out with something too far out of the box or comfort zone of the standard pistol.  I find it incredibly wild pretty much in every industry, that companies which are basically the same seem to thrive… when (as I see it) basically only their marketing is what sets them apart. 🤔  Just thinking out loud.

I like these funny Polenar videos the best, and I really wish they would stick to them.  That said, I like the disruptive nature of YouTube / Instagram celebs venturing into “instructing”.  It allows more opportunities where we can laugh at herbs in the comments asking “WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS?”, and then witness them get an aneurysm when they find out the “instructor’s” skills were gained from watching YouTube and Instagram videos + range practice.  The old guys seem to be the most pissed off at this.

Thoughts?  Do you miss the days where in order to become a respected instructor you needed to be a military veteran and train for years with already established instructors?


Whose mans:

Ugh when I see Charlottesville protest videos and pics, I see an unbelievable amount of cringey content. As soon as this video starts we see a fat guy in a real tree camo long sleeve open carrying ☑️. Enter the “white supremacist” after that with the Condor-looking plate carrier on, drop leg holsters, not even carrying one in the chamber ☑️. Ugh. He then shoots that round off at the flamethrower dude from like 15 ft away and somehow thankfully manages not to hit him. The crowd basically doesn’t react AT ALL and let’s this shooter slide back into the mix 😂😂😂. The fat dude with the umbrella just slightly flinched. What the… I literally cannot. Is this type of thing considered normal to most people?

Naturally there are questions why the whole line of police in florescent vests didn’t do shit after the shot was fired. On the video it didn’t seem that loud there that the cops wouldn’t have heard it, but what do I know.  There are of course conspiracy theories floating around as always too.



VICE news takes a look:

Since it appears to be all firing pin indent related, it seems like one of those things which criminals could easily circumvent, if they weren’t so stupid / lazy.  I wonder if there’s any sort of unique signature made by when the casing expands in the firing chamber which they also can (or do) catalog?  I’m glad to hear the system is working for law enforcement.  It’s too bad the system costs around $250k (4:28).  For a big city I’m sure that’s nothing, but for smaller police departments that’s likely an insane amount of money to spend… not to mention the training needed.  There needs to be some sort of centralized office which just deals with entering casings into NIBIN.  Getting the casing evidence to that office by some sort of a secure courier a couple times per month maybe?  I’m sure people smarter than me have thought about all these things.

2:41 – haha imagine if that car backfired.  Miss Vest would have filled her pants.

I wonder if a lawyer has ever argued that just because the shell casings that were linked to his client’s gun were found at the scene, it doesn’t mean he committed the shooting.  The old “my client goes to the range lots and doesn’t police his brass” defense.  “HIS RIVALS SPRINKLED HIS CASINGS on THEIR CRIME SCENE your honor.  My client didn’t do NOTHING”. Haha probably has happened.



Funker Tactical marketing machine cooking up content again:

I can’t say I disagree.  That said, if spending your own money which you worked for on things for your gun which make you happy (either temporarily or long term) then I say go for it.  I used to buy a lot of stupid shit, now I get annoyed when I realize I own some things which I don’t like and/or don’t use anymore.

Oh Oh… FLEX ALERT 🚨 FLEX ALERT 🚨 3:00 – “I could have a $2500 optic almost overnighted to me by most companies”

Oh and just in case you thought their opinion didn’t matter… wait for it… wait for it…. at 4:27 & 4:31 THE JUSTIFICATION.  Jokes aside though these guys seem like badasses.