Looks like all his videos are back online, and he’s stoking the content dumpster fire once again:

That’s some good-ass content.  Not only did I love the tactical horse stance, but I also enjoyed the fact he fired the video up on his own facebook account, then recorded the screen on his phone.  That’s stuff they just don’t teach you in video school.  The big dogs learn hacks like that on their own and excel 🤘🚀.

Oh man, now this video below is really something.  Called “Accelerated Entry – Part 1”:

Part 2 is equally as epic:

Then for those that aren’t as hiGh SpeEd as VODA he has a couple “Delayed Entry” videos up as well.  They are boring so I’m gonna save the embed kilobytes, but I think it goes without saying that he probably recently watched Sicario, or HEAT or something and was really feeling himself.  Speaking of really feeling himself, here he is stroking his ego and some sort of talk he put on about his women’s program which he calls “M.A.C.K.™️”… which is actually a very poor pick word-wise even though it’s a clever acronym.  I assumed maybe my knowing that “Mack” was slang for hitting on girls was a regional thing… but nope the entire internet is in consensus that is the definition.

What’s the patch on his “uniform”… something something MALL SECURITY?

I’m seriously getting dumber following this guy’s online career, but I do it for you guys, for the sport, and for the glory so it’s all good.  Obviously I don’t disagree with some of what he says in the video, but when it’s mixed in with so much cringe it’s pretty bad.

Thoughts?  You a fan of the drop leg as much as VODA?  Did any of you fellas ™️ an acronym or do anything notable like film an accelerated entry video lately?  Heh yea I didn’t think so, me either 😏😂.  I gotta wonder if VODA is turning any of these ™️’s to Ⓡ’s?  Because I’m a sucker for punishment I searched the USPTO but couldn’t see anything after the first 20 or so clicks that appeared to be his.  Also, he’s doing a lot of stuff for the ladies lately… is this a way to meet women or is it purely altruistic?  I’m not hating on the last point if it’s not altruistic, I’ve done some stupid things and went to some stupid places I wouldn’t have otherwise went in the past to meet girls… not “Make a protection program for women and call it MACK; powerpoint presenting it to a largely empty room while wearing a uniform with two drop leg holsters on” stupid mind you, but still.



Yea I don’t know guys… I see stuff like this and I never want to go hiking or leave the house again without a full bomb squad style ballistic suit on for that matter.

Gotta train like you fight *shrug*.


Gat tip: @vaughntabulous


Don’t worry, I googled that word in the title haha.  PULL UP I GOT AVIAN SHOOTERS OUT HERE 😤🐦:

People are hilarious.  Looks like the last time I did a bird post was the one about the song birds wearing military uniforms.

Thoughts?  I know I always ask that, but I find it welcomes replies and often creates a hilarious dialog between some of you guys in the comments.  I burst out laughing all the time at comments you guys leave, it’s great.


A lot of overlap between drinking and gun culture recently:

Only the AK had a drink in this video tho.  Does anyone else find it interesting how A LOT of people leave comments on YouTube videos?  I guess the barrier to leave a comment is pretty low because you’re probably watching it logged in from the YouTube app.  It just always shocks me that people will just leave a quick “I like this video” type comment just to show support.  Good stuff letting the video guys know to keep it up.  Without YouTube videos there would basically be no ENDO.  You guys know damn well I’m not ever going to read and dissect actual articles, or even worse be force-fed preroll ads on various other video sites with GuN CoNtEnT.



My man PULLED UP with the extendo:

Niiiiiiiice.  Holy, this thing is a kickstarter that raised $903,000 so far.  It’s called a LAOWA 24mm probe lens, and there is 8 days left on it if you want in.  The bottom tier of the kickstarter gets you the lens for $1400 USD.

Obviously despite how it looks in the video, nothing is being “fired” through the objects… it’s just that skinny little lens being moved. Cool idea.  Here’s a little behind the scenes look at them doing it on a pizza:

Thoughts?  Yea I’m disappointed that it doesn’t shoot lenses too guys.


When the fellas brought the guns out:

If you need me, the fellas and I are TRAINING LIKE WE FIGHT. Gat tip: @Ramonx24

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You already know they start training like they fight.  😬😬😬

Just when I think “I’ve seen the stupidest thing the gun-related internet has to offer”, I’m dumbfounded by something even worse.