Sounds like a plan:

5.11 in the spirit of the new FarCry 5 game which comes out March 27th.  My girlfriend has been amped about that game for like a year now.  I’m not into the time investment these games require, but I’ll gladly sit on the couch while she plays and make up blog posts, read, kill time on Twitter etc.  I have to say, FarCry 4 was pretty cool, I hope 5 lives up to the hype.

Smart and obedient dogs are so cool.



Train like you fight:

0:06 – Oh lawd… we’re off to a good start *cringe*…. holding her wrist with her support hand.  I’m sure that’s better than nothing, but why not have her do it the correct way?

Maybe I’m a dramatic sensitive snowflake, but if I was little in grade school and someone would have told me “Hey Mikey, you know those violent movies your parents won’t let you watch but you see trailers and previews for all the time?  Yea, well that’s basically real life.  You should be prepared for a madman or even one of your little friends to come in here and MURDER YOU.”  I literally would have never went to school again.

1:57 – Holy shit this is going to be traumatizing… guy walking up with a blue rifle for simulation sake.

2:54 – Whoa this pastor actually told 5 year olds that they are actually “getting ready to die if they aren’t paying attention”.

9:10 – Yoooooo only Thomas Morton would rock the oldschool thick leather belt with the white gripped 6 shooter.

10:00 – Pastor talkin about doing Mozambiques “two to the body one to the head”.  Classic.

10:30 – This former police chief makes a good point.  Stats show that police only have less than 1/3 of the shots they fire hit the intended target in high stress situations.  Teachers could do as good or better?  What happens if they miss their intended target?

I don’t know.. again I don’t have any answers.  I suppose it’s better for kids to be prepared (if you can actually even handle real stress like that and make logical spit second decisions at that age) than be clueless… but man I bet that scares the shit out of a lot of them, despite the fact the delivery of the information from the principal is very calm.

If they are going to all this trouble, they should probably at some point use blank rounds or something similar to show the kids how loud a gun sounds when fired in an enclosed space.




haha a bit forced and long, but not bad.  He has one on hunting too, same deal basically:


Gat tip: Corey


Ohhh I see what you did there with the title Funker Tactical *as you can hear their marketing machine steadily whirring in the background*:

I really am considering opening a mock training school just to make epic troll youtube videos.  It’s proven over and over again that you basically just need self confidence and the gift of gab in order to justify whatever you want.  Oh and you need to print some t-shirts with your crest on them.  The t-shirt gives like 98% of the credibility.  Now to put out a casting call for a troll assistant who will do all the choreographed moves I tell him to…. oh wait… him?  Did I seriously forget the #1 key to growth hacking?  I need to hire some fit mid-twenties girl to woo everyone into sharing for views and it’s game over.



This is pretty cool:

1:16 – Gav is terrified of guns?  Interesting considering they’ve done a lot of gun stuff over the years.

The novelty of slow motion footage kind of wore off for me, but these guys consistently put out quality footage.  I wonder how many guys (businesses) got late into the slow motion game, and had trouble paying their cameras off?

No real surprise here that the .416 won.  Really cool how they stacked the footage like that.




0:30 – Incredible… there it is.  Getting footage ahead of the line of fire is literally the most alpha thing ever.  This guy definitely got a hug after, and maybe even a “awe, you’re sweet” from the girls.

1:31 – What’s this supposed to prove, other than having a full size AR-15 awkwardly stored at that position inside a vehicle isn’t feasible to deploy at a “threat”?

It’s so “modern training” that everyone would need to be all up in her vicinity filming and pretending to be there for safety.

3:42 – This is how you get chicks.  You let them do it, and you patronize them with “Oh nice job sweetie, you’re doing really well!”… then you say “mind if I give it a shot?”.  Then you proceed to mop the damn floor with them.

4:10 – Her and Trish are first timers in the vehicle gun fighting game.

6:20 – She needs one of those deRptastic glass breaker attachments.  They all do actually.

8:49 – Yesssss Toni has a Spartan head / punisher logo on her shirt.  Holy that Alpha sheepdog in the background has a full back logo of the same thing.  Glorious.

White knights be like “U shUldnt DiSckuRage FemALes FrOm ShOoTinG.  U R juSt JealOus.”.

Gat tip: MK