Tru snipers kno.  I hear this is the setup the guy used in Afghanistan to get the long range kill record.

Thoughts? You rushing to walmart to pick up the items needed to run this setup?

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Seriously, I don’t get it… Literally all the videos look like they were filmed back in the 80s to fill time from 3AM to 6AM on a local cable TV station.

Front Sight used to do a LOT of online advertising.  Because of that I just assumed they were caked up like Scrooge Mc Duck, just swimming in cash over there.  I literally could not escape their ads, or Ignatius Pizza and his epic push broom.  I know I crack my self TF up, but seriously that Ignatius Pizza photoshop I did is still one of my favorites.  I hope at least one person at Front Sight trolls him by having that printed out and pinned to the fabric wall of their cubicle.  Maybe they even call him “Pizza” as an endearing nickname?  Or “Slice”… damn that’s actually kind of badass.  If my surname was Piazza I definitely would want to be referred to as “Slice”.

The Google autofill suggestions for Ignatius Piazza are funny… this is what they are in order

  1. Ignatius Piazza Daughter
  2. Scientology
  3. Wife
  4. Wikipedia
  5. Net Worth

I’ll admit after I saw the autofill suggestion I was like “Oh yea I wonder what his wife looks like”, thinking I would be dazzled by some younger lady that looks like Jem from Jem and the Holograms… sadly Google didn’t deliver any pictures at all.

Thoughts? Sorry posting has been very infrequent lately.   Life has been hectic you know?  Things are great though.  Nice of some of you guys to check up on me, thank you.  Remember, if you’re fiend’in for some ENDO content you can always hop over to my instagram page.  I find for tiny shitposts that’s a lot easier to handle a couple times a day when I’m really busy.


LOL this… he hits us with the backwards roll.  Just a little finesse for your ass on this fine Saturday:

Man that Humvee is on point though.  No doors is such a flex… also I’m really digging that spray can camo job.  It’s like the least pretentious thing on earth, and at the same time also the most pretentious thing on earth.

Oh shit, and at the end of the video he wilds out on the scan.  We see just shy of the full 360, but it’s still amazing.

Me and Rich Graham’s mom: “You’re doing amazing sweetie”

Thoughts?  Would do one of these supine engagement options?  Rich Graham has a bit of a history on this blog haha.


This is good:

Hahahhaha.  I hope this guy keeps this style of videos coming.


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Oh yay, more of this type of “training”:

This real life bRaH.🍰🍰🍰% Gat tip:@ryanwiklund

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A few days ago I posted a similar video.   This video again is more training you’ll never be high speed enough for.

Yea sure this one might be “blanks”.  Either way, being the TIER -23 self proclaimed expert I am I see no point in this type of training.

The icing on the cake also was that the guy shoots with his right hand, but has a drop leg holster on his left 🤔. haha ok…

Thoughts?  Are you actively seeking out this type of “training”?


This hits just keep on coming:

WHUT IN ACTUAL TARNATION?! These guys: "ACKsHuLLy, ThE pRiNcIpLEs r SoLiD" 🤡🤡🤡% Gat tip: @tytattoos

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Can you believe that?  Actually like I mentioned in the past, I’m not really as shocked as I used to be when I saw something like this.  Everyone trying to get their 15 minutes of infamy on the internet.  I’m sure it starts out as all these guys gassing each other up like “YA BROTHER, can you imagine how cool this is going to look?  People are going to respect us so much for pushing the envelope like this.”… when little did they suspect like 99% of the viewers are like “*smh* idiots”.

Thoughts?  You tryna train like you fight and have someone shoot rounds into the dirt beside you?  You frantically lookin for a place to cop those teal tactical pants and a safari shirt?