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JohnnyIShootStuff takes a look at something I questioned the effectiveness of last week:

Here was the original post on Shopping bag handgun concealed carry if you missed it.

1:11 – That IS gangsta that it keeps the casings inside the bag.

Shopping-Bag-Concealed-CarryJohnny likes the idea, from a shooting effectiveness standpoint.  He still says he’s going to do a vid with a public walkabout, which I’m not so sure will fly under the radar as much as he hopes it will.   I hope he picks a better bag for that test… one that isn’t translucent.  I’d really prefer he didn’t get shot by the cops and end up on the news.



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Not sure if trolling:


People are used to seeing someone walk around with plastic grocery bags in their hands.  The same ubiquitous bag can be found in every corner of the world.  Carrying it draws no attention because it’s a common part of the scenery.  No one looks twice.

I’ve used the technique dozens of times in dodgy third world countries.  If I get caught in a dangerous part of town, I’ll just stop into the corner store and buy a couple bottles of water.  They’ll put them in a plastic sack and I take it into a restroom.  I remove the water, place my knife opened and ready for action (or gun) in the bag and walk out.  No one notices and I feel a whole lot better prepared to handle a violent attacker.

Full article over at Active Response Training. (Bro do you even lift? :P)

Yea so like I said, I’m not sure if this is a serious suggestion or not.  Seems like it would work in a pinch, but unless you find yourself involved in some movie-type scenario where you Bruce Lee kick 10 dudes with guns in the crotch, then grab one guy’s arm and make him shoot the other guy, use another guy for cover when someone returns fire, and then finally everyone is dead so you pick the best gun to take with you… If you’re not in that type of situation then I suggest you take a couple hours out of your busy schedule and research IWB holsters.

Thoughts?  Troll successful?